Stephanie Oarhe Launches New Book at 20th True Love Relationship Conference

.Receives Lion Club International Appreciation Award

Fadekemi Ajakaiye 

Dr Stephanie Oarhe has launched a new book, “Growing In Love” to commemorate the 20th anniversary of True Love Relationship Conference, and received the Lion Club International Appreciation Award

The True Love Relationship Conference, hosted by renowned relationship expert Dr. Stephenie Oarhe, is more than just an event; it’s a testament to the power of genuine love and shared experiences. For 20 years, the conference has provided platforms for couples and those preparing for marriage to find answers to their questions, receive counseling, and seek spiritual guidance as they journey through love and marriage.

The 2024 edition had Rev Albert Oduwole Femi as a special guest, with music from Prinx Emmanuel, Nessa, Jackson, and Pastor Francine Abigail Sam-Anya. It started on February 11 through February 14, 2024.
True Love Relationship Conference 20th Anniversary Highlights from each day:

Day 1: The conference kicked off with a powerful worship session led by the energetic Jackson Jones (Praise Machine). Dr. Stephenie Oarhe, known as the “doctor of love,” encouraged women to use their words to uplift their spouses and families. Rev Chris Oarhe, the founder and senior pastor of Hilltop International Christian Centre joined in for a Q&A session, culminating in prayers for marriages and families.
Day 2: Prinx Emmanuel and his band set the stage with an energetic worship and praise session, followed by a compelling talk by guest speaker, Rev Albert Oduwole. The day concluded with more discussions and prayers focused on relationships and marriages.

Day 3: The morning session catered to secondary school students, with 18 schools represented and over 500 students in attendance, winning 210 souls for Christ.

Dr. Stephanie Oarhe and Hilda Dokubo inspired the future leaders with words of encouragement.

The evening session featured Pastor (Mrs) Francine Abigail Sam Anya leading worship, alongside the praise Ambassadors choir. Rev Albert Femi Oduwole delivered another impactful message.
Nessa led an unforgettable praise and worship session, setting the tone for the grand finale.

The True Love Relationship Conference 2024 concluded with a grand finale raffle draw, leaving smiles on many faces as attendees won household gifts. The joy of giving back to the community was evident, with prizes including generators, freezers, refrigerators, standing fans, and bags of rice.

Dr. Stephanie Oarhe Launches New Book, “Growing In Love”: A Guide to Nurturing Love’s Journey

To commemorate the 20th anniversary, Dr. Stephanie launched her new book, “Growing In Love,” which delves into the realities of love beyond the fairytale. Drawing from her experience, the book offers insightful guidance and practical tools for navigating love.

Love’s journey isn’t always a fairytale. It’s a dynamic dance of growth, challenge, and rediscovery. That’s the essence captured in the captivating new book, “Growing In Love.”

“Growing In Love“ authored by Dr. Stephanie Oarhe, delves into the intricate realities of love beyond the happily-ever-after. Drawing from her wealth of wisdom obtained in loads of experience on the counseling table. It offers insightful guidance and practical tools for nurturing love through its various stages.

Dr. Stephenie Oarhe Receives Lions Club International Appreciation Award

Just a day after hosting the biggest and most impactful relationship conference in Nigeria, the True Love Relationship Conference, Dr. Stephanie Oarhe was celebrated by Lions Club International for her service to humanity and contributions to the Joint District Convention. This recognition adds to her numerous accolades, including the Jewel of Inestimable Value award for her dedication to building strong relationships.

The Lions Club International Appreciation Award was presented to Dr. Stephanie on February 15, 2024, by the district governor, Lion Charles LTU, after her keynote speech.

Present at the event were members of the district and special guests, including the Father of the day , His Royal Highest , King Jaja of Opobo and His Royal Majesty Eze (Dr.) Leslie Nyebuchi Eke J.P., Eze Gbakagbaka, Eze Oha Evo III.

Reflecting on the honor bestowed upon her by the Lions Club, Dr. Stephanie shared her heartfelt gratitude on her Facebook page:
“Embracing the Act of Giving Back to Societ. I had the privilege of delivering the keynote address at the Lions International District 404A2’s Joint District Convention. Witnessing the breadth of projects undertaken and the substantial investments made by this club in serving humanity deeply moved me and fueled my determination to do even more.

To Lions International and all the remarkable philanthropists worldwide, I extend my heartfelt gratitude.

Your benevolence enriches our world, fostering compassion, fairness, and hope. Let us pause to ponder what truly matters to us and explore how we can leverage our resources, time, or skills to effect meaningful change.

Every gesture of kindness, regardless of its scale, holds significance. Together, let us ignite a chain reaction of positive transformation that reverberates across the globe. May divine blessings accompany our efforts, now and always. Amen.”

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