Senator Florence Ita-Giwa Celebrates at 78

Stylish, elegant and charming. These are just a few special words to describe Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, the former aide to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo. Since she burst onto the nation’s society stage decades ago, she has always been regarded as an epitome of glamour and panache.

Her wardrobe comes with the best collection of the most expensive fabrics. She takes her time to ensure that no one matches her in that aspect and has become a role model in that sector. The well-travelled lady also has a passion for shopping in the world’s most expensive shops around the world. Her dresses are timeless and she keeps a tab on modern trends without necessarily impressing anyone. She exudes simplicity and fits perfectly into the description of a radiant Queen!

Even at her age, she still boasts glowing skin. It was all these rare qualities, in addition to her commanding dress sense, that usually made her the cynosure of all eyes at any public event.

The woman of substance is also said to have worked her way into the hearts of her people through her genuine humane gestures over the years. For her, service to humanity seems to be a covenant she has entered into with her Creator. It is most likely that she is buoyed by Anatole France’s words: “Without genuine love towards humanity, there is no love for the motherland.”

 Besides, as a bibliophile, she has read a volume of memoirs of great individuals in history, who lived exemplary lifestyles. So also, in her peregrinations. She has encountered many whose lives have impacted humanity greatly, albeit quietly. Perhaps, this explains why she has been very supportive of the hoi polloi in the society; she gives without making any noise about it.

Since she left the corridors of power, Mama Bakassi, as she is famously called, has proven to the world that no joy is equal to the joy of serving others. Her service to her immediate environment is almost unequalled; she expends millions of Naira every year for the education of the less-privileged children she brought out of Bakassi, many of whom school abroad.

Last Monday, the philanthropist glided into a new age. Her families, friends, fans and admirers gladdened the heart of the former lawmaker with downpours of praises and encomiums. Without any scintilla of doubt, she proved the axiom that good deeds pay.

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