African Families Receive Financial Empowerment through Risk-free Slots

Mary Nnah

The Black Wall Street Compassionate Capitalism Economic System has introduced a risk-free Family Empowerment Initiative aimed at empowering African families to earn income to support their families.
The primary role of the Compassionate Capitalism Economic System is ending foreign imperialism through empowering Africans by giving them opportunities to thrive.

Since time immemorial, Africa has been poverty-stricken. And this is only because Europeans brought an economic system that only favours them and their corporations. This is known as Capitalism.

Africa has only 2% access to global trade and loses over $700 billion dollars every year in capital flight to foreign corporations. The domination of foreign corporations in Africa’s economy is the only reason why there is 70% unemployment, slow-paced development, and the failure of most African businesses. And this is not a fight for governments, actually, depending on governments is the primary reason why this issue has not been tackled head-on and has only escalated.

It’s from this background that Compassionate Capitalism has introduced various forums to tackle foreign Capitalism and empower Africans. One of these forums is The Family Empowerment Initiative. Through this, families will earn big and for a lifetime.

European Capitalism teaches Africans to focus on labour as a means of production, instead of capital that they teach their own people.

Compassionate Capitalism is teaching investment because investment is a vaccine for poverty. The Compassionate Capitalism Economic System promotes a key feature known as “Investment Points” where a margin in the cost of buying regular products from the Compassionate Capitalism Mall, also known as “,” is given back to the consumer as these investment points. The consumer can use these points to make investments in commercial projects for financial returns or in training for certification for jobs or contracts, eliminating the high risks that come from ordinary investments with cash. This fulfils the principle known as “Grazing the Cow you milk,” which is a key message of Compassionate Capitalism.

The Family Empowerment Initiative gives members a chance to include their families, and from this, they buy T-shirts and get more investment points to invest in the whole plan of Compassionate Capitalism, which now gives them monthly earnings.

Family Empowerment Initiative Explained

A saying goes; “Give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

Through the Family Empowerment Initiative platform, one can secure a lifetime of abundance through acquiring organic shares.

Through this initiative, a person can earn for a lifetime by clothing his or her family. This is a revolutionary family project cash out that only comes from the Black Wall Street Compassionate Capitalism Economic System, the only source of RISK-FREE investment in the world.

How to Earn

In order to earn big and for a lifetime, one has to buy 1 set of 2 T-shirts & 1 face cap promoting Pan African Job Centres and then buy another set when one can afford. If you buy up to 6 sets (only 12 t-shirts), you will become a lifetime shareholder of the revolutionary project.

You’ll receive dividends of $100 per month for a lifetime, and these are transferable to your children’s children, with a $30,000 cash out per slot. A family can own a maximum of 5 slots. Yes, this is unbelievable but true. However, there’s a very limited number of slots remaining.

One can create an account and buy the first set of 2 T-shirts & 1 face cap. Then they can get on a payment plan for the remaining T-shirts before the number of outstanding shareholder slots are exhausted.
It must be noted that investment points earned from buying T-shirts give them shares of the entire Compassionate Capitalism Economic System valued at $1 trillion dollars per annum.

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