Meristem Securities, Partners Durante Polo Team

Meristem Securities, Partners Durante Polo Team

Sunday Ehigiator

In furtherance of its commitment to its mission of creating, growing and transiting wealth, Meristem Securities Ltd announced a partnership with Durante Polo Team, over the weekend, at its head office in Lagos State

Speaking at a press conference held in respect of the announcement, the Group Managing Director of Meristem Securities Ltd, Oluwole Abegunde said, “Meristem is a group of seven companies that renders services across wealth creation and management, and transitioning. 

“In summary, we grow wealth and manage it so our clients can be able to pass it on to the next generations. This partnership with Durante is an exciting one, which we are very happy to go into. We celebrate the excellence of the team, which is in line with the excellence that Meristem is also pursuing as a company.

“We have been in business for the past 40 years, which has seen us make significant marks in the industry and see us at the top of the capital market. We also know that since 2020, the Durante Polo team has been making waves in the Nigerian Polo scene, led by Carl Alakija.

“This is not the first sporting event that Meristem is sponsoring. We sponsored the Meristem Open Golf Tournament. We started last year. The next one will be from February 22 to 24, 2024, in Abuja at the IBB Golf Course, and it will pull professionals from all over Africa. The prize money is N25 million.”

Also speaking, the CEO of Meristem Family Office, Uma Kymal noted that “Polo is important, and the reason why we went into this partnership; more broadly is when you look at Meristem, what do we do? We help create wealth, preserve wealth, and help pass it on to the next generation by transmitting it.

He said,  “And we felt Polo has its association with high net worth individuals in the country,  so the partnership is first as a means to get our name out, for passing on the wealth to the family office which sits very well with our goals and objectives as a company, as I brings us closer to our target clients.”

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