Oyin Onarinde: Advocate for Sustainable Beauty

Mary Nnah

Oyin Onarinde a.k.a Queen of Green Beauty,  a visionary CEO, is a trailblazer in the beauty industry. She is a cosmetic formulation scientist, an advocate for sustainable beauty, a beauty entrepreneur, supply chain and logistics professional.

As a beauty enthusiast with a passion for interior design and decoration, the mother of three amazing children, started her career as an intern,  putting up her hand for any job.

Today, she runs a plant-based beauty brand EWA with a mission to introduce the world to African traditional deep-rooted hair care and skincare secrets. Integrating the concept of Ayurveda alongside timeless hair and skin-boosting formulas, the whole range is plant-based, cruelty-free and sustainable.

Onarinde has embraced natural beauty and has returned to her roots using botanical extracts and sustainable plant ingredients for healthy hair of African descent and youthful skin, that help grow long full hair for African descent hair type, fight free radicals, and reduce signs of ageing, just as it was intended for a beautiful, healthy hair and skin.

She has vast knowledge as a supply chain professional and on the supply chain side of things, she sources local packaging that is eco-friendly, produces formulas that are non-toxic to the environment or contain any animal ingredients and is currently investing with suppliers to use recycled or bio-based plastics.

Onarinde is a smart, focused, and strategic entrepreneur. She’s an advocate for sustainable beauty in Nigeria, she perfectly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit with beautiful hair and skin to match it.

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