Ekiti Killings: Create Armed Vigilance Group Now, Group Urges Yoruba Monarchs, Communities

Ekiti Killings: Create Armed Vigilance Group Now, Group Urges Yoruba Monarchs, Communities

Lawmaker Links Renewed Insecurity to Improper Implementation Laws

Segun James and Gbenga Sodeinde in Ado Ekiti

Following the gruesome killings of traditional rulers in Ekiti State, a socio-political group, the Alliance of Yoruba Democratic Movements (AYDM), has called on traditional rulers and communities across the South-west to create local vigilante in their domain to ward off armed herdsmen.

This just as a member of the House of Representatives, Hon Olusola Fatoba, has linked the renewed insecurity in the country to failure to implement the criminal law and penal code to the letter.

In the statement signed by AYDM General Secretary, Mr. Popoola Ajayi, the group strongly condemned the recent brutal killings of the two traditional rulers in Ekiti State by bandits, and the reprehensible kidnapping of school children and their teachers at Emure Ekiti.

The group said each community should organise itself and not wait for the state or federal government to protect them.

The movement also said it has put the structures in place for the convening of South West Security Summit soon.

According to the group, “We are going to announce the date soon. AYDM is organising a security summit. The resolutions will be a milestone.”

AYDM, an alliance of over 120 pan-Yoruba groups, said the federal and state governments are overwhelmed and have proved incapable of dealing with security of Yoruba livelihood.

It said one of the major problems confronting the state governors is the lack of control over security apparatus, which undermines the principles of federalism.

It said: “Instead of spending money on parties and ceremonies, new cars and new wives, we urge the Obas to set up vigilante groups in their communities.

“The men should be trained on intelligence gathering and unarmed combat. They should acquire legal weapons to protect our vulnerable communities,” Popoola said.

The alliance said it is deeply disturbed by the escalating spate of kidnappings across the Southwest region, calling on the state governors to urgently reinforce and empower the Amotekun Security Network to flush out criminal elements in Yorubaland.

AYDM said Amotekun is limited by many factors which included recruitment of aides of politicians, lack of adequate training, lack of equipment and lack of insurance for members which lowers their determination to commit their energy into the dangerous field of engaging heavily armed Fulani herdsmen.

“The senseless and barbaric acts that claimed the lives of our revered traditional rulers in Ekiti State are not only an assault on the Yoruba heritage but also an affront to the sanctity of human life,” AYDM lamented.

The group expressed heartfelt condolences to the families affected by the tragic events, and stands in solidarity with the entire Yoruba community during this difficult time.

The kidnapping of innocent school children and their teachers, according to AYDM, is an egregious violation of the fundamental right to education and security.

It condemned the act in the strongest terms possible, and urged law enforcement agencies to do everything within their power to ensure the safe and swift rescue of the victims.

AYDM said it is alarmed by the rising incidents of kidnappings across the Southwest, which threatens the peace and harmony that the region is known for.

“We call on the governors of the Southwest states to take immediate and decisive action to strengthen the Amotekun Security Network. The reinforcement of Amotekun will not only serve as a deterrent to criminal elements but will also enhance the security architecture of the region and Nigeria at large,” Ajayi said.

Meanwhile, a member of the House of Representatives, Hon Olusola Fatoba, has linked the renewed insecurity in the country to failure to implement the criminal law and penal code to the letter.

Fatoba, who is represents Ado-Ekiti / Irepodun-Ifelodun federal central constituency 1 in the National Assembly, said Nigerian system lacks punishment and deterrence to criminal offence.

The federal lawmaker, who stated this while speaking with journalists in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti state capital, stressed the need to ensure that violent crimes like kidnapping, murder, armed robbery, banditry and the likes are made to attract capital punishment to serve as deterrence to other criminally-minded people.

According to him, “Our law is so weak, and this is why I am making move to rally some of my colleagues to sponsor a bill of amendment to our criminal and penal code. In a situation whereby someone is sentenced to death and he has been there for 15 to 20 years and none of the governors is willing to sign the death warrant, and at the end of the day, they are released back into society.

“We saw what happened at the Kuje Prison in Abuja, where prisoners were released back to society and a lot of these people are now here and are yet to be recovered. So, these are part of the problems, there should be deterrence for offences. Anything that has to do with criminality must have punishment.”

He therefore, advised all states governors to always sign capital punishment for kidnappers, ritual killers, murderers and others found culpable of violent crimes.

While condemning the murder of two revered traditional rulers and abduction of school pupils and their teachers in the state, Fatoba expressed confidence that the perpetrators of the heinous acts would be fished out as ordered by President Bola Tinubu, and kidnap victims rescued unhurt.

Fatoba, who also called for the  establishment of state police to tackle the rising insecurity in the country, said: “I have always been one of the advocates of state police. At the ninth Assembly, during the constitutional amendment, the issue of state police happened to be one of the amendments made to the constitution which has been passed. Unfortunately, most states have not done the concurrent input which I believe is the reason it is still stalled. If there is another bill that has to do with the state police, and I will always be in support of it, because security should be everybody’s business, which should be taken to the grassroots. Everybody should be involved in securing lives and property in their various local government areas and states.”

On the what he has  been able to do for his constituents, the federal legislator said his intervention since his reelection have been for the progress of the people.

Fatoba disclosed that a bill is currently on the floor of the National Assembly, which has to do with a Federal School of Nursing and Midwifery to be sited in Ado Ekiti.

Speaking on the hash effects of the removal of fuel subsidy in May 2023 on the people, he said: “For the country to witness greater development, there are some things  that are needed to be sacrificed as they say ‘no pain no gain!’ So, these are part of the pains that Nigerians need to endure for the benefit of the country and that of the future of our children and the generation yet unborn.”

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