Charles Scott-Emuakpor, Set to Revolutionize Global Tech Landscapes with Prime Teknologies

Fadekemi Ajakaiye

Charles Scott-Emuakpor, a trailblazing leader, is spearheading a technological revolution across Africa, Latin America, and Asia through his groundbreaking venture, Prime Teknologies. Armed with an Information & Communications Technology degree from the University of Gloucestershire (UK) and an MBA from Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University (UK), Scott-Emuakpor boasts a rich educational background that fuels his passion for transformative tech solutions.

In a recent interview, Scott-Emuakpor shared pivotal insights into his professional journey, from the early days at Ovilaj Autos to spearheading innovative initiatives at Huawei. “Each step has been a learning opportunity, shaping my understanding of the tech industry,” he remarked. His tenure at Huawei, starting in 2019, positioned him in key roles, contributing significantly to the company’s global footprint.
“Being part of Huawei’s Global Tech-4-all Open programme in partnership with UNESCO was a humbling experience. Though that wasn’t my initiative, I did lead the connected devices ecosystem for Huawei’s Global Eco-Development department in the UK, this allowed me to contribute to bridging the innovation gap in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, bringing technology to communities that need it the most.” He expressed.

Scott-Emuakpor’s journey is marked by impactful roles, including founding London’s first commercial Virtual Reality (VR) center, Prime 5D Centre, in 2014. As General Manager at IDG, he led projects across Europe, contributing to the growth of immersive technology. His entrepreneurial venture, Ovilaj IT Global, demonstrated a commitment to software solutions.

His foray into entrepreneurship with Ovilaj IT Global showcased his commitment to software solutions. In 2019, he founded Prime Teknologies (UK) Ltd, emphasizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality technologies. “Wearing various hats at Huawei, from Wearables to AppGallery, and leading in areas like Huawei Cloud, smart devices and technology research, allowed me to contribute to the company’s multifaceted growth, my experiences have not only honed my technical skills but also given me a deep understanding of how technology can impact diverse industries.” Charles expressed, 
Beyond corporate success, Scott-Emuakpor is actively involved in nurturing tech innovation at the grassroots level. He initiated a transformative tech program at his alma mater in Warri, Delta State, introducing smart devices and immersive science VR experiences to enhance the school’s curriculum. Additionally, he established a self-funded scholarship program, ongoing since its inception, empowering students from Primary through Secondary levels. “Education and technology hold the key to a brighter future. Initiatives like these aim to empower young minds,” he stated.

Under Scott-Emuakpor’s leadership, Prime Teknologies envisions harnessing emerging technology to revolutionize consumer products, services, and IT solutions. The company, comprising a team of creative innovators and IT engineers, specializes in cutting-edge research, design, manufacturing, and supply of various IT solutions.
“Prime Teknologies is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies,” Scott-Emuakpor elucidated. “Our goal is to create solutions that not only meet industry needs but redefine standards.”

As Charles Scott-Emuakpor leads the charge in innovation, he views it as an ongoing journey rather than a destination. At Prime Teknologies, our mission is to blaze a trail, shaping the tech landscape across Africa, Latin America, and Asia to make an enduring impact on the IT industry.

Looking forward, Charles holds a deep-seated wish for Nigeria to emerge as a global technology powerhouse, not merely a consumer. The overarching goal of these articles is to introduce a new face committed to supporting local and national entities in driving technology adoption, fostering creation, and fueling research for innovation and emerging technologies in Nigeria and Africa. Charles plans to return to Nigeria in February 2024, aligning with his intention to engage in the Innovate Nigeria conference & expo 2024 in Lagos amongst other activities. This move aims to contribute to ongoing efforts to infuse technology into businesses and inspire the next generation, especially women in tech.

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