Ex-minister Lauds Onyejeocha’s Proactiveness in Staving off NLC Strike

Ex-minister Lauds Onyejeocha’s Proactiveness in Staving off NLC Strike

A former Minister of Labour, Employment and Productivity, Gen. Ike Nwachukwu, has lauded the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, for her proactive approach in staving off potential strikes in the country. 

Nwachukwu particularly commended Onyejeocha’s recent visit to the headquarters of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) as a crucial step in building trust and understanding.

A statement by the minister’s Media Adviser, Emameh Gabriel, noted that Onyejeocha’s visit to the NLC headquarters on Wednesday was part of a strategic initiative by the Federal Government to engage key stakeholders in the labour sector and foster alignment with its policy objectives.

Drawing from his own experience as Labour Minister in 1987, Nwachukwu emphasised the importance of close collaboration with the NLC and other labour unions. 

He reminisced about his successful partnership with then-NLC leadership under Comrade Ali Ciroma and prior heads like Comrade Hassan Sumonu and Comrade Ben Obua, saying their focus on building mutual respect and fostering open communication paved the way for progress on both government and labour demands, minimizing major disagreements and strikes.

He said: “Hon Minister Nkiru Onyejiocha is on the right path. As Hon Minister of Employment, Labour and Productivity in 1987, that was the manner I partnered with the NLC and other labour unions (through closer interactions and building trust and mutual respect) to progress government positions and those of NLC (our national workforce). 

“The NLC leadership was headed by Comrade Ali Ciroma supported by his predecessor, Comrade Hassan Sumonu, Comrade Ben Obua etc. We (meaning the NLC leadership and me – Ministry/government) had mutually rewarding relationships. We had no major disagreements leading to strike actions.” 

Nwachukwu further highlighted the establishment of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) during his tenure as a direct response to youth unemployment. This agency’s focus on creating new jobs and employers played a significant role in addressing a critical issue for the workforce.

Concluding his praise, Nwachukwu directly addressed Onyejeocha, stating, “Well done, Nkiru.” 

His endorsement adds weight to the current minister’s efforts in maintaining industrial peace and ensuring a strong working relationship between the government and the labour force.

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