Philip Oduoza Set to Change the Face of Banking with NOVA

New waves come to surpass the old. This is a timeless principle, one that explains the constancy of change and transformation. With this in mind, it is incredible that NOVA Merchant Bank is on the cusp of a cosmic transformation, one requiring the strong corporate image of the bank’s new MD/CEO, Adebowale Oyedeji, and the peerless mastery of the bank’s Board Chairman, Philip Oduoza.

The customers, staff, and shareholders of NOVA Merchant Bank are currently celebrating the emergence of Oyedeji as the institution’s MD/CEO. Taking into account Oyedeji’s expertise and accomplishments in the realm of banking, these shareholders are confident that great things will accompany the new MD/CEO’s emergence. But even greater things are expected of the Board Chairman, Oduoza.

It was under Oduosa’s leadership that board members of NOVA came to realise the value of having Oyedeji as the institution’s spearman. Once again, Oduoza’s wisdom validates the less-than-obvious fact that old ginger is spicier and experience often sharpens vision better than PR does.

Oduoza’s value in NOVA has long been documented by the overseers of Nigeria’s banking sector. With his 30-plus years of active and dynamic corporate experience, Oduoza can be considered a banking giant. It is no wonder his accomplishments as the old global CEO of UBA (United Bank for Africa) are still being sung, as well as his part in the establishment of Diamond Bank.

Oduoza has many colours in his expert coat. His strong interests in industries like infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, technology projects, financial advisory, oil and gas, corporate finance, capital market activities, and debt restructuring charted his career course.

One milestone after another, Oduoza claims credit for his part in such amazing developments as ATM, BVN, POS, online transfers, and many of the other brilliant elements of Nigeria’s modernistic banking era.

Even now, great things are expected of NOVA because great things are expected of Oduoza. This only goes to show his value in the eyes of all and sundry.

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