Gbonyin Council Chair Applauds Oyebanji for Good Leadership

Gbonyin Council Chair Applauds Oyebanji for Good Leadership

Rebecca  Ejiforma

The Chairman of Gbonyin Local Council Development Area, Mr. Oluwadamilare Ajayi, has applauded Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji, for creating a conducive and enabling environment for the growth and development of the state.

Hon. Ajayi also praised the state’s Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Paul Omotoso, noting that he is a great leader and a unifier who has held the party firmly together over these past years thus making it the most united and outstanding political party in the state.

Ajayi, who dropped these hints in his new year speech released yesterday after he was sworn in, commended Governor Oyebanji and his team for efficiently and effectively driving the state towards greater heights in all aspects and ramifications.

He said, “On a very special occasion like this when I was again privileged to be sworn-in for a second term, now as an elected Chairman of my local Council Development Area, I cannot but thank our amiable Governor Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji for his dynamic and selfless leadership who has been piloting the affairs of the state in line with the progressive ideals.

“Governor Oyebanji, a quintessential Omoluabi and a great Ekiti  heart and soul has been creating very conducive and enabling environment in the state since he assumed leadership guaranteeing everybody with great inspirations and aspirations for the fulfilment of the renewed hope agenda of the President of the country,President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is also the leader of the party in Nigeria,” he said.

Continuing, Hon Ajayi observed that the state governor’s laudable programmes and policies vis-a-vis his sincerity of purpose and effective implementation has left opposition elements in confusion as more opposition politicians have continued to dump their opposition garments and join the APC.

“We must give kudos to our governor and shout his laudable efforts in social and infrastructural renewal on rooftops. This, he said, was necessary so that the governor could do more.

“Our people are now happy that a governor that cares for all Ekitis is now in the saddle, stating that a renewed hope is definitely assured notwithstanding the current depressing economic situation in the country.

“We are hopeful that it’s just a matter of time for things to get better in the new year because we have a committed and dynamic leader behind the wheel of governance in Ekiti State.”

For the unity and continued growth of APC in Ekiti State, Hon. Ajayi said the state party Chairman, Barrister Omotoso has been adept and strategic in leading the party. Specifically, Hon. Damilare noted that the political sagacity and acumen of Barrister Omotoso  guaranteed sweeping success in the last local government elections held peacefully without any rancour or crisis whatsoever.

“We commend the state party Chairman for his up-rightness and astuteness as a political leader in charge of very enlightened politicians in Ekiti State. He wished the State party chairman and all party faithfuls and citizens of Ekiti the very best in the new year.

“Today, I Hon. Damilare Ajayi humbly give gratitude to Almighty God, the giver of life, direction, wisdom, knowledge and understanding  to humanity on which I am not an exemption

“I hereby express my heartfelt appreciation to all Political Leaders in Aiyekire/Gbonyin Council Area, Party faithfuls, Traditional Council, Christian Association of Nigeria, Muslim Council, Market women, Youth Organisations, Security Agencies and all residents of Gbonyin Council Area for all of your love, concern, and unwavering support during my swearing-in and Inauguration programme as the newly elected Local government Council Chairman. With you at my side, your love gives me the assurance that we are more committed to grow higher and win bigger together.

My commendation also goes to all our people, the civic-minded people of Ekiti State, who conducted themselves peacefully and responsibly, before, during and after the last local council election.

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