InfraCredit Admits AIICO Insurance as Second Domestic Institutional Investor

Kayode Tokede

InfraCredit, a specialised infrastructure credit guarantee institution has announced the equity investment by AIICO Insurance Plc (AIICO).

With the equity investment, which represents 5 per cent of total share capital of InfraCredit, AIICO Insurance joins Leadway Assurance Plc as the second private domestic institutional investor.

Further to this new equity investment, InfraCredit’s paid-in capital base will increase to $175.14 million (N148.55 billion) translating to an aggregate guarantee issuing capacity of up to N742.77 billion ($875.7 million). 

According to a statement, the equity investment will be part of InfraCredit’s core capital and will enhance InfraCredit’s guarantee issuing capacity to sustain InfraCredit’s ‘AAA’ credit rating. It will also result in the diversification of InfraCredit’s ownership structure in line with its envisioned capital structure. InfraCredit would continue to deploy innovative credit enhancement solutions in mobilizing private sector financing for infrastructure projects in key sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Speaking on the investment, CEO, AIICO Insurance, Mr. Babatunde Fajemirokun said, “This investment is the evolution of what we at AIICO Insurance believe will be a long-term partnership with InfraCredit. Over the past two years, AIICO Insurance has invested in InfraCredit guaranteed bonds, and participated in novel financing arrangements promoted by the company to bring infrastructure investment to areas that have been significantly underserved.”

Chairman of the InfraCredit Board of Directors Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, said, “AIICO’s investment is in line with our vision of creating a strong partnership between the public and private sectors. This partnership aims to attract private sector capital for infrastructure financing in a sustainable manner. This investment marks another significant turning point and a significant milestone for InfraCredit, as we aim to increase private sector involvement in the ownership structure.”

Commenting on the new equity investment, the Chief Executive Officer, InfraCredit, Mr. Chinua Azubike, stated; “The admission of AIICO Insurance, the second private domestic institutional investor in InfraCredit, reinforces the confidence in the sustainability of InfraCredit’s unique business model. AIICO’s equity investment further strengthens our core capital base and expands our guarantee capacity as we continue to act as a catalyst to attract domestic credit from pension funds, insurance firms and other long-term institutional investors into credit-worthy infrastructure projects.”

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