How Darey, Deola Art Alade Transformed Entertarium for EWL

How Darey, Deola Art Alade Transformed Entertarium for EWL

In just two weeks, the Livespot360 team, led by Deola and her husband Darey Art Alade, undertook a remarkable transformation of the Livespot Entertarium into a creative haven for the ongoing Entertainment Week Lagos (EWL). The setting resembles a maze, each turn unveiling a creative discovery meticulously curated to embody the theme of EWL’s second edition, ‘The Next Wave.’The journey begins at the X Club/Showcase room, serving as a daytime showcase for creatives seeking breakthroughs. According to Darey, “They may never know who may be in the audience that would see potential in their talents.” The space boasts a lounge-like setting with a stage, quality speakers, and soundproof walls. At night, it transforms into Club X, featuring a 30-meter-long bar.

This space leads to the Gen Z Republik, equipped with Gen Z’s favourite perks, including games, Instagrammable photo booths, and, of course, free WiFi. Next is the Marketplace, which focuses on providing a platform for young brands. About 40 brands will be featured.  Situated close to it is the Creators Hub which offers live creativity from creatives, while the Podcast Room discusses the day’s activities to engage and attract the event’s audience.

The Film Hub, another creative space, provides a chance to explore African creativity through over 17 short films screened wirelessly to avoid distractions. These films according to the curator Hadizat Ibrahim were selected from Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

Surrounding the Film Hub are four spaces for various activities, including the Deal Room, where startups can pitch to investors after undergoing training and mentoring from the Livespo360 team. Darey explained that one of the discoveries from the debut edition of EWL was that there were a lot of startups which they helped to train and secure deals with investors.

The other three rooms host workshops, masterclasses, and panel sessions. The last space is the VIP Room, tastefully designed with a bar, and accommodates speakers before they go on stage.

EWL’s impact extends beyond the event itself. Deola shared that Livespot has trained numerous individuals, even those recruited from the roadside, helping them secure a decent living. The goal is to invest significantly in the creative industry, assisting the new wave of creatives in navigating a highly competitive field.

EWL is currently underway at the Livespot Entertarium and will conclude on Wednesday, December 20.

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