We Need Bold, Courageous Leaders to Make Nigeria Better,  Says Anglican Primate

We Need Bold, Courageous Leaders to Make Nigeria Better,  Says Anglican Primate

Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan

The Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba, yesterday, said for the country to get out of the woods it needs a leader that is bold and courageous to take the right steps and decisions.

This is just as he called for prayers for political leaders in the country as they cannot do it alone, stating that it is only God that can grant leaders that Nigeria deserves.

He spoke in Ibadan,the Oyo State capital, during the dedication of the new Bishopscourt, chapel, conference hall, chaplain and drivers which forms part of activities to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Diocese of Ibadan North (Anglican Communion).

The cleric who is also the Archbishop and Metropolitan, represented by the Archbishop of Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Osun North, Most Reverend Abiodun Olaoye, who expressed hope in the administration of President Bola Tinubu, said people must learn to look at God and not the government to bring about a change in their situation.

According to him, “We thank God for what is happening today in Ibadan North Diocese, it is a great event because we can see the wonders that God is performing in His Church. It’s a miracle that  within just 16months, five buildings were completed by Ibadan North Diocese.

“So, the Primate is very happy at this event because it is really a memorable event in the life of the Diocese as they celebrate the 25th Anniversary.

“As the country is, this is a proof that God provides for his own. When we put our trust in Him, when we rely on him, he supplies our needs. Most of the time, we look up to the government, but it is God that we should look up to. When we look up to God and cry out to him, just like the people of Ibadan North Diocese did, they cried to God, they prayed to him because what has happened today is as a result of answered prayers.

“So, when we call upon God, he answers us. So, in the situation that we find ourselves in Nigeria, we have to pray, call upon God, he is the only one that has solution to what is happening in this country.

“President Bola Tinubu cannot do it alone, he needs God’s guidance and enablements. Our leaders need God’s guidance, we need to pray very much in our nation, Nigeria. The level of corruption is too much, and that is what is destroying our nation.

“We need to pray to God to bring in righteousness, justice and truth to this nation so that things may work.

“Nigeria is a great nation, God has made this nation a great country but he is still looking to our leaders to call upon him because the situation that is happening now is beyond any human power, only God can intervene and when we cry to God in unison, he will answer us and grant our request, and Nigeria will still see better days.

“We will still see glorious and better days in Nigeria. God will still make us happy in this nation. The Primate enjoins all of us to pray and put our trust in God.”

While expressing optimism in the future of the country, the Primate said,  “Certainly there is hope. Where God intervenes, there is hope. When God intervenes in a situation, he turns the situation around. That is why the Primate asks us all to cry to God and have hope in him.

“It is only God that can guide our leaders aright, touch their heart, give them the wisdom needed to direct their affairs of this nation and even give them boldness because every leader in this nation needs boldness to act without any fear or favour of anybody but to act, trusting that God will assist.

“Our leaders still need boldness, fear of God to act now. If they have the fear of God, the boldness will be there to do what is right and just. The situation at hand needs a leader that is bold, courageous and takes the right steps that will put Nigeria on the path of better future.”

The host, Rt. Rev. Williams Aladekugbe, in his remarks, said the event was to celebrate God’s faithfulness and members who have supported and served the Diocese since it was created in 1998.

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