Atiku Charges AUN to Solve Nation’s Economic Challenges

Daji Sani in Yola

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, weekend, said the American University of Nigeria (AUN) has attained its adulthood since it establishment 19 years  and can now be given responsibilities to solve some the nation challenges.

Atiku made the disclosure at AUN Founder’s day and his 77th birthday celebrations held by the institution in Yola, Adamawa State capital, to honour him
The former Vice President, who happened to be the founder of the AUN, said the institutions was never intended to be just another university, but that there was a vision and purpose that set it apart and gave it true meaning and relevance.

“It is important that that vision is realised and that the university serves its purpose for generations to come,” he said, adding that the vision was to build a development university providing American-style education, which emphasisedcritical thinking and problem-solving.

“A development university, unlike the traditional  university sees itself as an active partner in economic development and the process of nation-building.
“It also uses its enrolment procedures and its shared intellectual and cultural environments to consciously promote the goal of nation-building.  The goal would be the education of Africa’s future leaders.” he said

He said the university has put in place the ingredients for the beginning of the realisation of that vision such as necessary infrastructure, huge amounts of financial resources, world class faculty, more than adequate land for expansion and other ancillary uses.  

“Are you still keeping faith with American-style education that distinguishes AUN from others? Is the university continuing to consciously engage in practices that contribute to the country’s economic development and nation-building? How can you do these with limited resources?

“What are your strategies for doing so without a large contingent of American faculty? How can you attract American-trained faculty from across the globe? What are your strategies for training and re-training your own faculty to understand and transmit the American style of teaching and learning?

“If you carry out that self-examination, that stock-taking, you will agree with me that there is a need to return to the founding vision of the university. In its relatively young history, AUN has had a relatively high turnover of leaders, especially Presidents.”

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