Hammed Olawale, spearheads efforts to promote reading culture through Catalyst Book Club

Catalyst Business Consult Africa, under the leadership of Hammed Olawale, also known as Catalyst, has launched a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative called Catalyst Book Club. The aim of this initiative is to raise the bar and ignite the reading culture in youngsters, combatting the declining trend in reading habits among the younger generation.

Recognizing the importance of instilling a love for reading in today’s youth, Catalyst Book Club offers young individuals the opportunity to become members at the beginning of each year at no cost. Once enrolled, members come together physically every last Saturday of the month to discuss the books they have read and share ideas and knowledge.

Hammed Olawale, the driving force behind Catalyst Book Club, explains, “We noticed that the reading culture is starting to become lost on this generation. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR), we decided to fashion out a book club that not only promotes reading but also fosters a sense of community among our members.”

With meticulous planning and execution, Catalyst Business Consult ensures the smooth running of the book club, aiming to raise the next generation of active readers. Recently, the club organized its second edition, themed “Africa Now.” Members were encouraged to read books by African authors and wear traditional attire to the meetings. The discussions focused on topics central to Africa, fostering a sense of pride and reminding members of the greatness of the continent and the opportunities it offers. Distinguished guest speakers were invited to share their experiences, further enriching the conversations.

Involving the employees of Catalyst Business Consult is an integral part of promoting and participating in the CSR activities. All staff members are automatic members of the Catalyst Book Club, actively contributing to its organization and management. Their involvement ranges from directing members to setting up venues for each meeting, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere.

According to the founder, Catalyst Book Club has also formed partnerships to enhance its CSR efforts. Online bookstores, such as Rhoe NG, have partnered with the club to ensure members have access to quality books for their intellectual consumption. Additionally, prominent food vendors in the Yaba axis in Lagos state collaborate regularly with the club to ensure members are well nourished during each gathering.

To measure the effectiveness and impact of the CSR initiatives, Catalyst Book Club looks at the personal growth and achievements of its members. With the club’s existence in its second year, members have shown remarkable progress in areas such as personal philosophies, business ventures, academics, and other relevant aspects of life. This growth is a testament to the club’s success in instilling confidence, refinement, and polished reasoning in its members.

Hammed revealed that the organization is committed to sustainability practices and environmental responsibility. The club actively promotes a sustainable green society, incorporating sustainable practices into its business operations and meeting conduct.

Diversity and inclusion are key values for Catalyst Book Club. The club intentionally includes members from diverse backgrounds, encompassing all genders, religions, and cultures. Membership is open to all, with no bias towards any specific group.

Emphasizing their commitment to addressing social and environmental challenges, Catalyst Book Club believes that intellectual discourse is a powerful tool for spurring change. By encouraging members to read and engage in discussions, the club empowers them to speak up against social and environmental issues, contributing to positive transformation.

“Transparency and accountability are paramount for Catalyst Book Club. We have established an internal administrative structure made up of members to ensure transparency in its affairs. This structure facilitates accountability and strengthens the club’s commitment to its stakeholders”, Hammed stated, highlighting the brand’s operation.

Looking to the future, Catalyst Book Club has ambitious plans to expand its reach to other parts of Nigeria and beyond. The club aspires to establish libraries that provide easy access to books, and remains passionate about educating minds for positive societal change.

Hammed Olawale expresses his satisfaction with the progress of the Catalyst Book Club, stating, “I believe our book club isn’t just a monthly gathering of young people reviewing their reads anymore. It is now in the business of creating a community, the most valuable form of social capital. We are delighted with the impact this CSR initiative has had in helping young people build social capital alongside its primary objectives.”

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