Sustainability in Action: How is Changing the Game in Nigeria’s Food Consumption

Rebecca Ejiforma 

In a bid to combat the annual wastage of millions of dollars’ worth of food in Nigeria, is spearheading a transformative movement to redefine the way food is consumed in the country. This forward-thinking food technology startup, driven by a resolute commitment to sustainability and affordability, is pioneering the salvage of food items nearing expiration, offering them to consumers at significantly reduced prices.

Each year, tons of perfectly edible non-expired foods find their way to landfills across Nigeria, representing not just waste but missed opportunities for families, supermarkets, and national progress. Enter, introducing a user-friendly platform connecting consumers with nearby supermarkets offering discounted items approaching expiry, with discounts reaching an impressive 80%.

Noah Ibrahim, MD of, articulates the vision, “We foresee a future where no edible food goes to waste, making affordable nutrition accessible to all. Our mission transcends mere business; it aligns with global objectives. By combating food waste and hunger, we actively contribute to the United Nations goals of eradicating poverty and hunger.”

More than a mere food tech startup, represents a movement towards sustainable and affordable food consumption in Nigeria. Through strategic partnerships with local grocery stores, the company rescues overlooked and unsold food items, providing consumers with affordable options through a user-friendly e-commerce platform. This dual approach not only alleviates hunger by offering affordable food but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing waste.

“At Eatnow, we believe in the power of community and technology to create a better, hunger-free Nigeria,” adds Noah .

At the heart of’s offering is a dynamic platform connecting consumers with a variety of food items nearing expiration but still safe and nutritious. These items, sourced from local grocery stores, are made available at heavily discounted prices. The platform features an intuitive interface, allowing users to identify participating supermarkets, view product details, expiry dates, and prices.

Noah  emphasizes, “At, we believe that if food is to be eaten immediately, then the public should get it cheaper.”

In a nation grappling with food insecurity and the compounding issue of high food costs, addresses these challenges directly. Guided by core values—Quality of Food, Affordability, and Sustainability—the company strictly adheres to NAFDAC guidelines, ensuring the sale of only non-expired foods. Collaboration with supermarkets ensures proper disposal of expired items.

“We aim to make food more accessible and affordable, especially for the underserved facing the rapid increase in food prices,” says Amaka Osamor, Chief Operations Officer.

Having already secured partnerships with over 20 local supermarkets in Victoria Island and Lekki, aims to elevate this number to 50 by Q1 2024.

Amaka highlights the expansion vision, “We’re not just changing how people access food; we’re altering the narrative of waste. Our goal is to extend this impactful initiative beyond Lagos, reaching over six states in Nigeria by the end of next year.” presents a unique solution addressing both food waste and hunger. By rescuing food items nearing expiry and selling them at discounted prices, the platform provides an affordable way for people to access quality food while contributing to environmental sustainability.

“Supermarkets stand to save figurative amounts in operational costs and reduce food waste by listing their products on our platform. By doing so, they not only contribute to a sustainable future but also experience a boost in revenue through increased sales,” Amaka emphasizes.’s mission is explicit: to combat food waste and hunger in Nigeria by connecting consumers with affordable, quality food that would otherwise be discarded, promoting a more sustainable and equitable food system. The company envisions being a leading force in Nigeria’s food tech sector, transforming the approach to food consumption and waste.

Outlined short-term goals include expanding partnerships with local grocery stores, increasing the user base, enhancing the platform’s technology for a superior user experience, launching awareness campaigns about food waste and sustainability, and establishing a reliable logistics network for efficient food distribution.

As continues its journey of innovation and growth, it stands tall as a beacon of change in Nigeria’s fight against food waste and hunger. With a vision that transcends mere profit, is not just a company; it’s a movement paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future.

Eatnow Marketplace Technology Limited is a leading FoodTech company based in Lagos, Nigeria, dedicated to revolutionizing the way Nigeria addresses food waste. Through innovative partnerships with local supermarkets, offers discounted, close-to-expiry food items, making quality food affordable, reducing waste, and contributing to the fight against hunger. 

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