OTID Entertainment: Pioneering the Afrobeats Culture in Cardiff’s Nightlife

In the pulsating heart of Cardiff’s nightlife, one name stands out as the true pioneer and pace-setter of the Afrobeats’ rise and cultural movement—OTID Entertainment. Established in 2021 as a student-led initiative, OTID Entertainment has swiftly become the torchbearer of Afro-Caribbean celebration in Wales, transcending boundaries and genres. Let’s delve into the vibrant journey of OTID Entertainment, a trailblazer in Cardiff’s bustling nightlife.

The story of OTID Entertainment originates from a quest for diversity and cultural celebration at the University of South Wales. Osamagbe, the vision bearer, noticed the lack of musical diversity at the Students’ Union night, sparking the inception of OTID Entertainment. What began as a student-led initiative rapidly evolved into a citywide phenomenon, with the brand’s success at the university leading to events at Club Ice Pontypridd and the launch of “RnB Wednesdays.”
The “Afrowales” series marked a pivotal moment, transforming premier venues like Pryzm, Revolution Club and Bar, District, Steinbeck and Shaw, and Smade Lounge in London into pulsating hubs of celebration. OTID Entertainment became synonymous with innovation and cultural resonance, bringing together a dynamic team of visionaries to curate unforgettable experiences.

Meet the creative minds driving OTID Entertainment:

  • Osamagbe (President): The visionary at the forefront of the Afrobeats movement in Cardiff.
    • Sammycreated (Arts and PR): The artistic maestro and biggest PR virtuoso, crafting visually compelling narratives.
    • Egoola (Media and Stylist): The lens master and stylistic genius adding flair to the OTID experience.
    • Mide (Secretary and Operations): The operational backbone ensuring seamless event execution and initiative success.
    • Playboykuti (Performing Act and Afrobeat Artist): Not just a performer, but a soulful voice infusing beats that define OTID Entertainment.
    • Cruisewithbello (Hypeman and Host): The charismatic voice elevating energy at every event.
  • Victor (Project Manager and Treasurer): The meticulous planner and financial steward ensuring project success.
    • Pleasure (Logistics Manager): The logistical wizard orchestrating behind-the-scenes magic.
    • DaniFrvr (content creator): The social media wizard and disruptor with over 10 million impressions on Instagram. 

  • The full meaning of OTID is “Our Turnup Is Different,” reflecting the unique and innovative approach that OTID Entertainment brings to Cardiff’s nightlife. With over 100k engagements across social media platforms, the brand has perfected digital promotion through strategic partnerships and street promotions. Beyond their pioneering role, OTID Entertainment has booked esteemed acts like LAX, Spyro, and Adesope (Afrobeat CNN), contributing to their reputation as leaders in the Afrobeats movement.
    With an exclusive partnership to host “Afrobeats in the City” every month at Steinbeck and Shaw, OTID Entertainment continues to evolve, setting the pace for Cardiff’s vibrant nightlife and leaving an indelible mark on the city’s cultural landscape.

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