Bimbo Ashiru’s Midas Touch

Holding back praise and commendation has its benefits, chief among them being forcing the worker to continually improve on service delivery. Because Bimbo Ashiru, Chairman of Odu’a Investment Company Limited, meets every criterion of excellent leadership, there is no point in withholding praise. Prince Dapo Abiodun, Ogun State governor, recognizes this, setting off a series of reasons for the acknowledgement of Ashiru’s Midas touch.

Ashiru is proving himself to be one of the best assets of the South-west in his role as Odu’a Chairman. Blaring the trumpets after a careful assessment of the man’s contribution over the years, Governor Abiodun declared that Ashiru continues to push the limits of excellent leadership, completely loyal to the corporation and inspiring a similar height of commitment in other Odu’a operatives.

Abiodun’s assessment is only the latest among a long line of praises. Since Ashiru emerged as the Odu’a Group Chairman, great changes have come to the corporation. For one, it has become more visible across Nigeria. Secondly, it has unified the efforts of the Southwestern governors to set up a reliable launching pad for economic growth in the region.

Ashiru’s work as Odu’a Chairman has also seen increased creativity across the South-west, not to mention a stronger sense of belonging among the influential working class.

Ashiru has always been like this, bringing excellence to every office. When he was in banking, it was the same. When he dipped his hands into the political stream as the Honourable Commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Ogun, it was the same.

For Ashiru, such a colourful track record is only normal.

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