How Old is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome? A Timeline of His Life and Ministry

How old is Pastor Chris? Many people wonder about the minister’s age when they take all of his contributions to the world into account.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a famous Nigerian pastor, teacher, author, and the founder of Christ Embassy, a fast-growing Christian ministry with a global reach. 

In this following biography, we will explore the life and ministry of Pastor Chris, highlighting his contributions to the Christian community. So, how old is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Let’s explore the journey through the significant chapters of his life.

How Old is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Early Years and Education

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born on December 7, 1963, in Edo State, Nigeria. 

Growing up in a Christian family, he exhibited a deep passion for the Gospel from a young age. 

His early education laid the foundation for his future aspirations, and it became evident that he possessed a unique calling.

Early Ministry and Rise to Prominence

Entering the ministry in the late 1980s, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome quickly gained recognition for his dynamic preaching style and strong dedication to spreading the message of faith, healing, and prosperity. 

As his influence expanded, so did the reach of his ministry, eventually leading to the establishment of Christ Embassy in 1987.

Christ Embassy, also known as Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, has become a global force under the pastor’s leadership. 

The ministry focuses on reaching people with the transformative power of the Gospel, fostering spiritual growth, and making a positive impact on communities all over the world.

How Old is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Milestones in Ministry

Throughout his career, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has achieved numerous recognitions, contributing significantly to the Christian community.

Let’s delve into some of the key moments that define his impactful ministry:

  1. Global Impact Through Television: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome leveraged the power of media to reach a broader audience. Through the LoveWorld TV network, millions of people across the globe have been able to connect with his teachings, prayers, and evangelical messages.
  1. Healing and Miracles: A notable aspect of the pastor’s ministry is the emphasis on healing and miracles. Many people attest to experiencing divine healing and transformation through his teachings and prayer sessions at the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, marking a profound aspect of his spiritual journey.
  1. Literary Contributions: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has authored numerous books that have inspired and guided individuals in their faith. His literary contributions cover a wide range of topics, from prayer and faith to personal development and relationships.
  1. Humanitarian Efforts: He is actively involved in philanthropy and humanitarian work through the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International, a non-profit organization dedicated to help the less privileged. This commitment to social impact reflects his belief in the practical expression of Christian love.

Family Life

Beyond his ministerial achievements, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome values his family life. 

He has been blessed with two daughters who share his commitment to faith and service and the creative expression deeply integrated within the LoveWorld Ministry.

Carissa Sharon, known as CSO, has achieved remarkable success as a recording artist. 

Her dynamic involvement in the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry exemplifies the family’s commitment to spreading faith through diverse creative expressions.

Carissa Sharon and her sister, Charlene’s, contributions embody a family tradition dedicated to uplifting spirits and touching hearts through the potent combination of music and ministry. 

His father, T.E. Oyakhilome, a pioneer leader of the Assemblies of God Church in Benin City, Nigeria, laid a sturdy foundation for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s unwavering commitment to delivering God’s transformative message.

Reverend Ken, his brother and pastor of Christ Embassy’s Houston branch, is not only a local leader but also an integral member of the Christ Embassy Central Executive Council, contributing significantly to the ministry’s global aspirations.

Kathy Woghiren, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s sister, adds a vibrant dimension to the LoveWorld Ministry’s cultural and artistic activities. 

Serving as the Director of the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry and the LoveWorld Creative Arts Academy, she guides the LoveWorld Records Label and is a prolific songwriter, infusing creativity into the ministry’s fabric.

How Old is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Current Ministries and Initiatives

As of 2023, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continues to lead Christ Embassy with passion and vision.

His ministry has expanded to include various initiatives aimed at inspiring spiritual growth, community development, and global outreach.

  1. Online Ministry: In response to the changing landscape of communication, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has embraced online platforms to reach a wider audience. Through webcasts, podcasts, and social media, his teachings remain accessible to individuals around the world.
  1. Global Events and Conferences: The pastor organizes and participates in large-scale events and conferences, bringing together believers from diverse backgrounds. These gatherings serve as a source of inspiration, encouragement, and spiritual empowerment.
  • Educational Efforts: Committed to the holistic development of individuals, the Christ Embassy founder has established educational institutions that provide quality education.
  • Christian values: These institutions aim to equip students for leadership and service in various fields.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s life and ministry stand as a testament to his dedication to spreading the Christian message of love, faith, and transformation. 

As we have explored the various chapters of his life, the question “how old is Pastor Chris?” becomes just one facet of a rich and impactful journey. 

With a focus on global outreach, media presence, and humanitarian efforts, the pastor continues to inspire and uplift individuals from all walks of life.

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