Tinubu Picked Best Brain for NDDC Board, Mgt, Says Ogbuku

Tinubu Picked Best Brain for NDDC Board, Mgt, Says Ogbuku

Olusegun Samuel in Yenagoa

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, has assured the people of the Niger Delta region that the commission board is committed to the development of the region.

Ogbuku said the NDDC currently has the best brains both on the board and management as duly and clearly picked by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, where they have former House of Representatives members, former senators and former leaders of the Senate and House.

Ogbuku disclosed that the chairman of the board is a former Secretary to the Delta State Government and a former commissioner, who is well experienced, describing the team as the best team NDDC management ever had.

The boss stated these during a reception ceremony organised in his honour at his maternal home of Yiba-Ama (Oruma) Tugbeni Land in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

Ogbuku, who also inaugurated a road in the Bayelsa State community, said the honour done on him was an expectation for more development, not only in the state but in the nine states in the Niger Delta region.

He said: “It’s for more responsibility. My conduct positively or negatively will also tell on this community. So it’s a very big responsibility and honour.

“I have decided that my team should come and join me because, without their support, there is no way I can meet the expectations of my people. We have collectively agreed that we are going to give back to this community and Ogbia Local Government Area development. We have also collectively agreed that we are going to transform the Niger Delta region. That is why I thought it necessary that we all make this acceptance speech together.

“I am assuring you that with this team, we are committed in transforming the Niger Delta. Though they say charity begin at home, we will start from home first. I am very committed to the development of this community. The honour you did me before is more than today.

“Let me tell you publicly, when I was politically incarcerated in 2014 in Okaka prison for eight months, while I was there, because of state government influence, some people even found it difficult to come and see me, some communities were even avoiding me, but this same community, my mother community, conferred on me the first chieftaincy title. This is an act that no matter what happened they stood by me.

“I want you to understand that this is a reception in honour of me, and it was not a political rally, but if the colouration from the presentation of my chairman and the atmosphere paint politics, you will not blame him and you will not blame me too because all of us at the governing board of NDDC are members of the All Progressives Congress (APC). So, if an APC person goes to a place, you will also make sure that APC members will join them to welcome him that is why you see the image that way.”

In his address, the Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Chiedu Ebie, who is also the chairman of the NDDC board, described Ogbuku as a visionary and dedicated individual whose contribution to the development of the Niger Delta region is commendable.

Represented by the Director for Projects, Victor Antia, he said the gathering of people from all walks of life is a testimony to the immense respect and admiration they have on Ogbuku.

He said, “We are privileged to have him as the MD/CEO, a position that reflects his commitment and fostering growth, prosperity and unity of the Niger Delta region. As a united team in NDDC, Ogbuku will work tirelessly to bring about meaningful development and progress not only to Niger Delta but also to Tugbeni land. The land of my MD’s mother has a special place in his heart.”

In the community address read by the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Chief Lawson Iberebo, on behalf of the chief host, King Peter Amakiri, he said the reception and the chieftaincy title conferred on the NDDC boss were a result of his contribution towards the development of Niger Delta within a short period.

He said, though the journey may be rough and challenging, with courage and determination, “hopefully we will get to a safe landing.”

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