Julian Osula: The Lifestyle King that Brings Luxury to Nigeria

Julian Osula: The Lifestyle King that Brings Luxury to Nigeria

Some people perceive luxury as an unnecessary part of life, belabouring the pockets and inclining one to poverty. Others think otherwise, appreciating luxury for what it is. Julian Osula, the boss of Julian’s Luxury, stands at the centre of these people, effortlessly transforming the perspective of the former group to the latter.

Without question, Osula lives one of the most envy-inducing lives in Nigeria. Influential and affluent, the Prince of the Osula Royal family conducts himself with enough dignity to humble a European prince. But underlying all these is a simple man who enjoys delivering luxury things to his Nigerian customers.

Regarding the matter of luxury in Nigeria, Osula appears to take the duty of ensuring its prevalence upon himself. Whether it is a luxury car, wristwatch, or rare jewellery, Osula has mastered the science of navigating the skies and seas to ensure that his clients are always satisfied.

What is most interesting about the man from Benin is that he maintains a cool head. Neither pompous nor parasitical, Osula’s air always compels camaraderie. This is undoubtedly good for his business, but also for his reputation which has remained clean and unstained since he ventured into his luxury-shuttling business.

It is supposed that barkeepers are often the first casualties of their inebriating trade. Osula cuts the line. Although he deals in luxury, it is for his love of luxury, not merely for the money. This is another reason his clients are so free with him, knowing that he is no dabbler, but a committed luxury merchant.

To bear the title King of Luxury among the most affluent figures in Nigeria is no big deal. But none of these figures have a problem with Osula. This could be attributed to Osula’s academic background in law, which helped him cultivate diplomacy to the peak.

Since Stiple Gate which Osula founded in 2011 and Julian’s Luxury which he established in 2013, the man has shown great commitment to delivering luxury to Nigerians. Even now, Osula is considered the number-one person to look to regarding luxury timepieces, jewellery, and accessories in Nigeria.

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