inDrive @10 Reiterates Commitment to ExcellentP Delivery

As inDrive, a ride-hailing company marks a decade, the firm has reassured its customers of continuous excellent service delivery.

Speaking at the anniversary, the Business Development Representative for inDrive in Nigeria, Oladimeji Timothy, thanked inDrive’s customers and all stakeholders who had contributed to the growth of the company.

He recounted: “People call us inDrive because of the stories you tell about us. inDrive’s story began on 23rd June 2013 when a group of innovative minds decided to challenge the injustice of inflated transportation costs.”

“Their solution was simple yet groundbreaking: leverage technology to connect drivers with passengers, ensuring fair prices and fostering a sense of community.”

In his emphasis, Timothy said that the initiative sparked the inception of inDrive in a university community where students came together to solve a real-world problem.

“The company’s growth is commendable. By 2015, just two years after its inception, inDrive had expanded to 80 cities, amassing one million app installs.

“The momentum only accelerated from there. In 2017, they reached a significant milestone: 100 million rides completed and a team of 140 dedicated employees,” Timothy said.

In December 2021, inDrive, former inDriver, soared to operating in more than 450 cities across 32 countries with 900 employees and an impressive record of 550 million completed trips.

In 2022, the business development representative noted that inDrive solidified their position as the second most downloaded app in their sector, reaching 100 million app installs.

Also, he assured that the company would put the interest of both the customers and the riders first. “inDrive focuses on professionalism and will not give room for disrespect.”

He went on to unravel the plans of the company for users. “As inDrive matches into the future, it focuses on innovation, with an emphasis on what determination, technology, and a people-driven approach can achieve.

“The next chapter in our journey promises not just growth, but a continued legacy of challenging injustice and empowering communities.”
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