Quantum Travels Marks 20th Anniversary, Re-launches Ajala.ng

Quantum Travels Marks 20th Anniversary, Re-launches Ajala.ng

Chinedu Eze

One of the major travel agencies in Nigeria, Quantum Travels has reintroduced its iconic travel platform, Ajala.ng as it marks 20 years of operations.

Quantum Travels enjoys envious niche of managing business travel and it is Nigeria’s representative of BCD Travel, the third largest travel management company in the world reputed for corporate travel management and represented in over 97 countries.

This gives Quantum Travels a global presence and reach to care for its clients. The company said it has over a decade of knowledge of providing unique services tailored to its clients’ travel budgets, so, the clients are assured of prompt and memorable experience that gives them control over cost.

The company said that it is a leader in the leisure travel and provides Visa application services for clients.

Speaking about its unique travel platform, Ajala.ng, the Assistant General Manager and the Chief Operating Officer of Ajala.ng, Olamide Babayemi, explained during the ceremony to mark the 20 years of Quantum Travels that the re-launch of the platform was to deliver a unique service to its clients.

“This two-decade milestone represents an illustrious journey marked by unparalleled service, boundless exploration, and relentless innovation. Tonight, as we reflect on our remarkable past, we also gather here to embrace the dawn of a new chapter—the relaunch of Ajala.ng, a visionary platform that will redefine the very essence of travel. In a world constantly evolving, the need for travel is growing more than ever. Ajala.ng envisions a future where travel is not just a means to an end but an immersive experience that enriches the traveler’s soul,” she said.

Babayemi assured that as the company re-launched Ajala.ng with renewed vision and targeted milestone, it is poised to give its clients IT-driven services that would be unmatched in the industry.

She said the new platform involves seamlessly blending technology, sustainability, and personalization to provide travelers with journeys that transcend traditional boundaries.

“Our aim with Ajala.ng is to eliminate the friction often associated with travel. We aspire to handle the nitty-gritty, ensuring that our clients are solely immersed in the experiences that inspire and rejuvenate them. From securing the most favorable and affordable travel and accommodation rates, to offering unmatched customer support, visa processing assistance, travel financing through Ajala Pay Easy, and orchestrating destination events, we envision a seamless voyage for our clientele,” Babayemi said.

She further said: “Today, as we reignite the essence of Ajala.ng, we are not merely launching a digital platform; we are ushering the core values of Quantum Travels into the digital realm. Our vision is clear – to excel in creating superior and seamless travel experiences. Our mission is defined – to simplify travel, exceeding our customers’ expectations every step of the way. As we unveil Ajala.ng, we are not just celebrating the advancement of Quantum Travels, but the embodiment of a promise to our clients, a promise of unparalleled service, unending exploration, and an unwavering commitment to making travel an enriching chapter of their lives.

“With your support and collaboration, we are poised to redefine the way we explore the globe, one quantum leap at a time. Sit back and watch me unfold Ajala.”

Welcoming invited guests at the ceremony held in Lagos to mark the 20 anniversaries of Quantum Travels, the Managing Director of the company, Michael Otubu, said Quantum Travels was spurred by the joint circumstance of the visioners, adding that a few were sanguine that the company would metamorphose into a renowned travel company it has become today as it turned 20 years.

“Today, a dream borne out of a pure attempt at survival and driven by the facts of our joint circumstances, marks its 20 years of existence. very few gave this uncommon union a chance of survival, let alone its propagation. It is a testament to the power of two, walking in agreement, that today’s celebration becomes a reality.

“Who better to share this occasion with than all the family, friends, industry partners, customers and colleagues assembled here today. Some of you have walked with us these last 20 years, or at least most of it while others have partnered with us in the last decade or so. What is incontrovertible is that every step of the way, you have held our hands and challenged us to be a better version of ourselves, partnering with you to give vent to your travel needs and pushing us to dare to continue to dream. To all of you, we declare our undiminished passion to continue to be and do better as we project into the next 20 years. We have seen great metamorphosis of the travel space in the last two decades and weathered some challenges that have threatened the soul of our business and industry, but we still stand strong through it all. As Charles (Obioha, Executive Director) and 1 are wont to say always, plan A always works where no plan B exists,” he said.

Otubu said the 20 years celebration of the company was also to celebrate all those who have contributed in various ways to sustain the company and make it what it has become today.

“So tonight, we celebrate you all and welcome you to the unfolding of our vision for the next 20 years, driven by an active succession plan as we position ourselves for the flexibility that the new world ultimately demands together with our airline partners. Truly, there is power in the united resolve of two. Hope, faith and concerted action will drive the potential of our great country into the era of its fulfillment, in our lifetime,” he added.

In addition to managing travels for guests, the company also plans exciting and fun cruises in partnership with its cruise line partners. Such cruises are personalised to the budget and desire of the clients as well as many more tour packages and tourists’ attractions.

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