Arnergy Advances Renewable Energy Collaborations with Stakeholder Engagement 

Arnergy Advances Renewable Energy Collaborations with Stakeholder Engagement 

Emma Okonji

Arnergy, a leading African CleanTech has reaffirmed its commitment to expanding sustainable energy solutions through its stakeholder engagement events, scheduled to hold October 4, 2023, at the Fraser Suites Hotel in Abuja. 

The events will delve into sustainable energy solutions, tackle critical issues, and advance a brighter future for Nigeria’s energy landscape.

During the first event titled: “Solar Solutions for Sustainable Real Estate Development,” experts will explore the potential of solar energy in reshaping Nigeria’s real estate sector. 

President of the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN), Mr. Ayo Ademilu, will present the keynote. 

Giving details of the events, COO of Arnergy, Omobola Omofaye, said: “We believe that sustainability is critical to the modern real estate business. Through these events, we are connecting the dots between real estate, clean energy, and a smart future. 

“Our mission is to reshape energy accessibility across industries, making energy not only sustainable but intelligent.”

In one of the events, selected panelists will discuss the theme: “Financial Viability and Pathways to Solar Adoption,” which will feature luminaries from Urban Shelter Limited, Modern Shelter Systems and Services Limited, Sterling Bank Plc, and Arnergy Solar Limited.

CEO of Arnergy, Femi Adeyemo, said: “Arnergy is at the forefront of providing innovative energy solutions to improve economic outcomes and power a sustainable future. 

“These events bring together key stakeholders to drive the adoption of renewables and accelerate the growth of solar solutions and mini-grid developments.”

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