Ecobank Launches EPAC Studios to Boost Africa’s Creative Sector

Nume Ekeghe

Ecobank Nigeria has inaugurated a creative studio, EPAC Studios, aimed at promoting talent and creativity throughout Africa.

EPAC Studios, the bank said in a statement, serves as a dedicated space for the authentic portrayal of African narratives in art, culture, lifestyle, and entertainment. 

EPAC, it added, is designed to foster productivity and service excellence, featuring smart offices, a restaurant, a multipurpose conference hall, a gym, a childcare facility, a parking area accommodating up to 130 vehicles, an experience and game center, and a rooftop terrace, among other amenities.

Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Jide Sipe, expressed the bank’s commitment to showcasing and nurturing the creative industry. He explained that EPAC Studios is an open canvas inviting the public to explore, collaborate, and generate premium indigenous content for television, online platforms, and mobile devices.

“The studio is a source of inspiration and entertainment, as well as a platform for brand projection through engaging, high-quality videos. As a bank, we deeply value inclusivity, which is why EPAC Studios is accessible to all creative minds without charge. We are actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with other brands to create a dynamic environment where ideas thrive. EPAC Studios represents more than just physical space; it embodies a world where we stand as your creative partners. Recognizing that dreams are meant to be fulfilled, our mission is to help you transform those dreams into reality.

“For creative individuals, I can confidently say that EPAC Studios serves as an innovation and expression hub. Our primary objective is to join forces with you, breathing life into your visions and amplifying your voices. We are here to facilitate your journey, offering resources, expertise, and a stage to shine. And for those who relish the fruits of creativity, EPAC Studios invites you to immerse yourself in a realm of original content, from thrilling game shows to thought-provoking podcasts and captivating product service videos,” he added.

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