Transcorp Boss, Modupe Olusola’s Humility

By all standards, Modupe Olusola, CEO of Transcorp Hotel, is a woman that members of her gender should be proud of. She is someone who is successfully thriving in a male-dominated world with her God-given assets, brilliance, intelligence, suave and finicky nature.

No doubt, her ability to deviate from the norm has made her one of the most sought-after in the sectors where she earlier found herself, banking, agriculture and now hospitality.

Olusola, who attended the University of Leicester and the University of Kent both in the UK, has a very sociable and affable personality. While many who see her thrive now are envious of her success, they are not aware of the hard work and resilience she put in before she could attain her current height in life. Many just see the glory, but have forgotten the process that led to the life-changing story.

She has indeed proved that creating streams of opportunity and thriving well in any field you are in is not just by fluke but by putting the right operational elements to work. As the head of Marketing at the United Bank for Africa (UBA),  Modupe was a workaholic who invented innovative ways that contributed to the bank’s leap in fortune.

She ensured she drove the marketing of the bank with impeccable ideas. This saw her rise to being the second woman to attain the position of CEO in the prestigious hotel while investors were super excited with the spike in return on investment, while customers of the hospitality hub in Abuja have commended the innovative ways of service delivery all facilitated by Modupe.

 If you think her status is supposed to have padded shoulders and remain inaccessible to people, you are mistaken. The beautiful CEO is an open book maintaining a respectful and humble nature. Little wonder she is loved by her subordinates, and business associates and admired by all. 

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