Makinde’s Expensive Silence after Obasanjo’s Outburst to Oyo Obas

Makinde’s Expensive Silence after Obasanjo’s Outburst to Oyo Obas

It has been a merry week, starting with several news points from Dubai, Niger Republic, and other places where governmental power is confused about what should come next. In Oyo, it was a case of a former president successfully ordering around a group of traditional leaders to the chagrin of many. Even now, the waves have not settled and many people are still expecting the former president and his half-step godson to apologize to the traditional rulers.

Governor Seyi Makinde had invited Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to oversee the inauguration of some projects. Included in the guest list were several traditional monarchs, all of whom were already seated as they awaited the arrival of their host and the former president. However, upon arrival, Chief Obasanjo noticed that the monarchs did not rise to acknowledge the governor’s presence, and berated them upon getting the mic.

The event has caused much discussion as people fault one party or the other. It also raised the question of whose authority is superior: constitutional or traditional?

One group insists that Chief Obasanjo should have been more cordial in his approach instead of ordering the monarchs as if they were beneath him. Another group insists that the monarchs got what they deserved since they have made it a habit of taking Governor Makinde for granted.

Interestingly, Governor Makinde has not uttered a word since the arguments began. Even with some individuals asking that he also apologise to the royal fathers, the gentleman governor has refrained from off ering a public statement on the matter. This attitude has been interpreted through different lenses, but none of them can be validated until Governor Makinde says something.

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