Heartbreak, Hope Intertwine in MTV Shuga Season 5, Episode 7

Heartbreak, Hope Intertwine in MTV Shuga Season 5, Episode 7

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In the previous episode of MTV Shuga Naija Season 5, we witnessed a whirlwind of drama and suspense. Sopuru, one of our Shugamen, confronts his in-law, informing him that his soon-to-be wife, Moh, will have to put her career aspirations on hold and prioritise their relationship and household.

Moh, torn between her ambitions and the NITECH grant, faces a difficult decision, especially with Sopuru offering a bribe of five million Naira to Y-Hub.

In another part of the city, Anwuli tests positive for COVID-19 and blames herself for infecting both her daughter and late husband, even though she had previously held her daughter responsible for her husband’s death.

After experiencing and enduring domestic violence from her partner — Praise, Haalel, ends up in the hospital, where Praise is arrested. After being truthful with her partner about her past, Simi’s relationship is rocky, and she doesn’t know what to do about it. Wasiu, on the other hand, seemed interested in Simi and advised her to give it time, but it’s hard to tell what the future holds for her and her partner. Nanya — the “perfect” princess — thinks she might be pregnant!

Episode 7 of MTV Shuga Naija intensifies the drama . Sheila faces a struggle and may be unable to keep Y-Hub operating. Will she reconsider Sopuru’s bribe or explore alternative ways to save her organisation?

Meanwhile, Moh grows unhappy as her wedding plans progress, feeling a thirst for a better life after the NITECH competition. Will she abadon her career aspirations and settle for being a stay-home-wife, or will she relentlessly pursue her dreams no matter what comes?

As for Nanya, facing a potential pregnancy, her course of action remains unclear. Will she choose to keep the baby or not? The episode leaves us with numerous questions, as each character navigates different challenges that will shape or hinder their futures.

To discover the fate of your favourite characters, watch Episode 7 of MTV Shuga Naija Season 5 on YouTube on 5th July, 2023, at 9:00 pm WAT.

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