Eno-Bassé Gemstone Launches in Lagos

With the aim of creating a store, where Nigerians can get their dream jewellery that could stand the test of time, Eyakenoabasi Bob-Hassan (a.k.a. Eyak), daughter of Senator Effiong Bob recently hosted crème-de-la crème in Lagos including the Governor of Akwa-Ibom State, Umo Eno, to the official launch of a foremost gemstone store. Funke Olaode reports

The store is magnificent. The eye popping -pieces sparkle in their show stopping glasses. The invited guests were dazzled with these captivating and shimmering diamonds and gemstones, which are designed in various categories ranging from bracelets, rings, chains. It is a bling bling for a purpose. So, from gemstone cutting to jewellery making, the founder has set out to dress Nigerians society to shine like diamonds in the sky.

As invited guests mingled and exchanged banters in affirmation of a unique pieces of arts, praising creativity and ingenuity of its founder, they all agreed in unison that this classy store often associated with Oxford Circus in London and High Street in Manhattan in New York have finally debuted in Nigeria.

Welcome to Eno Basse Diamonds store. The high-class store declared open on Sunday June 15th, 2023 welcomed society matriarchs, politicians, family members and lovers of good pieces into its abode located in the highbrow Lekki area of Lagos.

Owned by a young brilliant, vibrant and talented female entrepreneur, Mrs. Eyakenoabasi Bob-Hassan (Daughter of Senator Effiong Bob), the engineer trained Bob-Hassan finally followed her passion. Located at 32, Wole Ariyo, Lekki 1, Lagos, thriving under the motto, ‘Have a Piece of Forever’, the brand exposes its customers to a range of beautiful, rare, unique, exclusive and long-lasting gemstones, which perfectly complements their beauty and fashion poise.

Without doubt, gemstones are mineral crystals that are mined, cut and polished to be used in jewellery-making. Their rarity, lustre and beauty make them very valuable. This speaks to the finesse, beauty, creativity and ingenuity which the CEO of Eno-Bassé, Eyak, is bringing closer to the doorsteps of Nigerians with the launch of the store.

Reiterating his commitment to encourage young entrepreneurs in wealth creation and to tackle unemployment among the youth, guest of honour, and Akwa Ibom State Governor, officially declared open Eno Basse Diamonds store during a private cocktail event to celebrate the visionary founder, Eyak as she is fondly called. Eno expressed his happiness, witnessing the aspiration of youth, with such a great passion to make a difference in society. He pledged his support for the business.

He promised to invite Mrs. Eyakenoabasi Bob-Hassan to Akwa Ibom State to train other young girls, an effort, which he believes will help to reduce unemployment in the State among the youth.

The governor promised to shower his support, for great success in the creative jewellery industry, and partner with the store to ensure that such initiative is sprinkled down to the youth of Akwa Ibom state, so they can pick initiatives from Eya. 

Eulogizing the young talented lady, President, Akwa Ibom State Association of Nigeria, AKISAN, USA, Engr. Bobby Onofiok shared the view that it is a good concept “for our youth to venture into a creative business.” They applauded Eyak’s choice of business, which is clearly cut out of passion. They wished her luck in her chosen endeavour.

Similarly, Eyak’s brother, Hon. Otobong Bob, expresses his confidence in his sister, believing that she’ll be a role model to other youth who aspire to break the record in what they are passionate about in life.

In like manner, her husband, Mr. Femi Hassan said he is in partnership with his wife to grow the business to a greater height.

In their remarks, Eyak’s Parents, Senator Effiong Bob and wife, and wife, Comfort expressed gratitude to God for taking their daughter thus far in her passion of producing unique jewelry.

Speaking at the launch how the vision started, CEO of the jewelry store, Eyak, said, “My love for jewellery started from my mother. She used to love jewellery a lot and used to sell gold. So that is where it started.

“In university, I studied civil engineering and eventually got my master’s in Project Management.  I came back to Nigeria to work in a multinational for a while and then I decided to venture into this full-time.

“Even when I was in graduate school, I think that was where selling started. I used to do it as a part-time ‘hustle’ just to have extra cash. I was just a trader doing buying and selling and that is where I got to harness and understand the different metals, list for jewellery, silver, gold, and stainless steel, I got a full understanding from trying bits and pieces here and there.

“There are not so many jewellers in Nigeria. It is a niche aspect of fashion but it is very interesting. It takes a lot of creativity to come up with designs and come up with pieces that people would like.

“And this is what the Eno-Bassé brand stands for. Beyond profit making, we are committed to putting a smile on our customers’ faces. We make this happen by providing them with varieties of rare-to-find gemstones whose beauty matches and compliments their personality and carriage.”

On what makes the jewelry store tick? “Each of our designs is a piece of true work of art made with the world’s finest and most precious gems crafted by the world’s best goldsmith. It has access to over 1.5 million GIA-certified diamonds, which are embodied in its stunning creations.”

Speaking further, “We prioritize beauty and luxury. We offer consultation services relating to gemstones and allied services. We deal with the trading and export of gemstones to various countries. Eno Bassé Diamond is allied with the mining and marketing of natural rough gemstones.”

“We are unique. We design pieces. We design all sorts of jewellery ranging from earrings, wristwatches, and bracelets, all sorts that have to do with jewellery and are custom-made. 

“We also authenticate gemstones, all types of gemstones. For example, if you do not know what type of stone you are carrying, if you want to authenticate your diamonds, we could help.

“So, our aim of course is to have an international standard manufacturing house here in Nigeria so that all our pieces from beginning to end will be done in Nigeria. Some of our pieces are done here; some are done with our European partners and organisations.”

 From gemstone cutting to jewellery making, Eyak has redefined the jewelry business in Nigeria. ‘Basically, that is what we are going to be doing here.  ‘We are proud to say we are also Made in Nigeria. As we move on in this new phase, we are going to collaborate with the Akwa Ibom government on youth training, “she concluded.

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