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For Governor Adeleke, It’s Time to Be Serious

For Governor Adeleke, It’s Time to Be Serious

The law is such an amazing thing. Looking at the canopy of peace that has settled over Osun State, one may not be able to easily recognize the fact that things were not as calm as they seemed a few months ago. However, now that the Supreme Court has confirmed Governor Ademola Adeleke as Osun Governor, things have settled. Thus, work can now begin.

Osun has always been one of the best states in Nigeria to look out for in terms of governance. Unlike in many other states, the people of Osun always have great expectations of their governor and are never shy in expressing their joy or disappointment at the governor’s performance. As a result of this, many Osun governors are under more pressure than their counterparts, thus forcing them to either have sterling accomplishments or do nothing or note them throughout their time in office.

But Governor Adeleke has already started at the right pace and with the best support of the people at his side. Because of the formerly ongoing issue at court, he was not able to focus completely on matters of state. Even then, he was able to win the hearts of the people, ensuring that salaries were paid on time and needed projects had taken off.

But things are no different for Adeleke than they are for his predecessors. The people of Osun still have expectations and are trusting him to fulfil every single promise he made during his campaigns. Furthermore, since the Supreme Court has verified his status and that will remain for the next four years, the weight of the people’s expectations is great.

Ultimately, the time has come for Governor Adeleke to deliver on his promises, starting with good and compassionate governance. If he manages to accomplish this, he will doubtless get a second chance to do even better and have his name mentioned in grateful prayers and thanksgiving.

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