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NGO  Launches Project to Help Boy Child

NGO  Launches Project to Help Boy Child

Yetunde Bello

An non-governmental organisation(NGO), Elizabethan Humanitarian Life  Foundation has launched a project called ‘Rescue The Boyz’ to help boy child draw the world’s attention to the neglect areas that could cost them the essence of humanity.

Speaking at the launch last week in Lagos, the Founder of the NGO Mrs. Oyinade Samuel Eluwole,   Lagos said one of the reasons why the project was designed was to identify and prepare young adults to be their best in the society.

She said the foundation is a life cycle-based intervention for male gender at all levels.

According to her,  the foundation is  a passionate one  who silently and carefully studied the environment, listening to people and wanting to be there for all if possible, explaining that  over the  years, she had seen and  she is still seeing people going through things that made  them lose their sense of belongings, which invariably created bitterness towards society at large.

“In  the   quest to be a solution  provider, as parents we are prepared and ready to help our male gender and others of all cadre realise their worth, find happiness, be on their feet and in turn be able to return love to their families, countries and the world at large irrespective of their background and colour, hence the birth of the foundation we are  launching,” she said.

“With a very deep thought, we have been able to define the foundation agenda into six platforms. Rescue The Boyz (RTB), Be Your Best( BYB); Cradle To Teens(C2T); Young Patriots(YP);Culture Vibes (CV) and Bland Lift(BL)

BYB is an intervention designed to identify and prepare young adults to be their best in the society. C2T  is an intentional and holistic platform to guide our teens behaviourally. YP is to catch them young and nurture them to be good citizens and ambassadors wherever they find themselves. We teach them governance and human rights.CV is deeply rooted into our culture, background, languages and conduct, while BL is a restoration and care platform for widowers, lonely, aged, among others,” she added.

According to her, the project  designed to dig deep into the psychological neglect of a boy child in the family and society with the aim of helping them out of the trauma they experienced in all spheres of life.

This  particular project is meant to be  a turning point that bring back the boys to life and reshape them positively.

A Nigerian business magnet and Founder of Elizade University in Ilara-Mokin Ondo State, Chief Michael Ade-Ojo said it’s the right of every parent to balance the relationship between both gender. He said the male children have the right to express there pains, weakness, and shortcomings because they are humans and not super-humans.

However , he emphasized  that the role of a father was  very important in the life of a male child to prevent such child from peer pressure and new media negative influence .

He promised to support the foundation at every step and also encourage people around him to do the same.

An Executive Director/CEO, Futurenow Initiative,

Mallam Ahmad Sajoh, said he was  highly honoured and indeed privileged to be invited by the Elizabethan Humanitarian Life to be a part of this historic launch.

Sajoh said the  “Rescue The Boys  is pathway to societal inclusion and  construction of a better society.

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