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Glad Tidings as Ndidi Nwuneli Becomes StanbicIBTC Director

Glad Tidings as Ndidi Nwuneli Becomes StanbicIBTC Director

Great things are set to happen in Standard Stanbic IBTC, the bank that recently started using the ‘It Can Be’ tagline. One must recognise the bank’s far-sightedness and its decision to stand at the top of the banking chain in the country. After all, it is this decision that led them to appoint the highly accomplished Ndidi Nwuneli as the new independent Non-Executive Director. With her influence, Stanbic IBTC, ‘It Can Be’ tagline will soon become ‘It Now Is.’

Set to replace Ngozi Edozien who has completed her tenure at the bank, there is a lot of expectation from Nwuneli. But the bank is not the only party looking forward to what Nwuneli will accomplish; every corporate female and intellectual person in the country is trusting her to show the rest of the world what a brilliant and visionary woman can do.

It is no secret that Nwuneli is one of the most versatile individuals in Nigeria. Refusing to live in the mould of the mediocre, she has dedicated her life to positive change and impact, gradually evolving from an observer and disciple of these things to an active participant and progenitor. As a result of her continued work as a social entrepreneur above all other vocations, her name is forever inscribed on the golden pages of African agriculture and nutrition, philanthropy, and social innovation.

With more than 25 years of international development experience, Nwuneli is not the kind of Director that would sit back and watch things unfold however they want to. She is far more likely to get involved and adapt her experience from her work in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, bringing in high-impact initiatives and policies, and raising a new seed of hope in the banking sector.

For Nwuneli as Stanbic IBTC, new Director, things are about to change for the bank. What great times.

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