‘Incoming President Must Tackle  Greatest Challenge, Meet Expectations of Nigerians’

Fidelis David in Akure

The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Canada Chapter, Mr.  Omololu Nick Apata, has declared that the incoming president of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu must be ready to tackle Nigeria’s greatest challenge of insecurity, widespread corruption and a general sense of dissatisfaction among citizens and as well, meet the expectation of the people.

Apata stated this yesterday in a statement made available to journalists by a chieftain APC in Ondo State and Media Director  for the  APC Presidential Council for  Canada, Dr Abiola  Oshodi.

The APC chairman, who also asserted that the various secessionist movements across the country were not the answer to the challenges facing Nigeria, called on the incoming president to tackle the problem by unifying the country and solve major socio-economic problems confronting the country.

“Let me first congratulate our President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on this monumental achievement of winning the presidency of our beloved country Nigeria. I also congratulate our party the APC for a job well done. Finally, I doff my hat to the Nigerian electorate for coming out to cast their vote for the candidate and party of their choice.” 

“As the chairman of APC Canada Chapter, it is indescribable the joy we feel here at the outcome of this election.

 “We were sure that given his meticulous political planning which has spanned many years and his capacity to build bridges, that Asiwaju would emerge the winner of the contest. As an individual, I am so thrilled knowing full well that Nigeria is about to witness the kind or growth and development she has never experienced before,” he said.

The APC chieftain assured  the people of the readiness of Nigerians in Canada  to help in deepening relationship especially economic between Nigeria and Canada, saying there’s a special sense of political awareness and consciousness among Diaspora Nigerians especially in Canada where his compatriots are yearning for stable, progressive political process in their beloved country, Nigeria.

“Nigeria’s bourgeoning economy can benefit from Canada’s enormous resources and technology. We are in a unique position to facilitate the deepening of that relationship. It is a thing of joy to see the high degree of interest and commitment Nigerians in the Diaspora have shown in the 2023 elections. Many Nigerians living abroad including some of my friends and political associates decided to travel home to be part of a political history that was about to take place, while the thousands who could not make the trip, were galvanised to the news of the presidential election as it was unfolding in a dramatic but predictable way. 

“The average Nigerian living abroad is anxious to invest in or relocate to Nigeria; they have been bidding their time, waiting for the right moment. That is why the excitement and joy of a Tinubu Presidency are very palpable among those of us in the Diaspora. He has a very robust and organic platform that covers everything from security, political and economic stability, to a better future for the teeming population of Nigerian youths.

According to Apata, “Now that the prayers of millions of Nigerians have been answered with Tinubu’s election as our next President, I am very convinced that he would not disappoint Nigerians wherever they may be. Our President-elect is a man of his words. He is a patient and calculating strategist who would not embark on anything unless he’s sufficiently and efficiently ready. He has been planning for this for decades and now that he said he’s ready, I do not doubt him. Neither should Nigerians.”

He added: “Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is not known for tentativeness or procrastination; he’s already working as we speak so that he can breeze into office in May fully prepared to govern and to lead. There’s no denying the fact that he would be confronted with challenges ranging from economic to political, and more, but he is not unaware of these burning issues, and I can bet he is coming prepared to tackle them comprehensively and in a timely manner. In a complex society such as ours, some challenges will not disappear permanently, but they would be mitigated to manageable levels. That’s what a good leader would do.”

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