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FITC Employee Experience and Engagement Conference 3.0 Set to Equip Organizations to Win the Fierce Global War for Talents

FITC Employee Experience and Engagement Conference 3.0 Set to Equip Organizations to Win the Fierce Global War for Talents

FITC, the innovation-led and technology-driven knowledge organization, is set to hold the third edition of its Employee Engagement and Experience Conference (E3), which will focus on the changing expectations of employees and employers in the new normal, the shifting generational divides in the workplace, and the need for the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The FITC E3 conference, themed “Creating the Future: Building the Best People in the Work Environment,”scheduled to take place virtually from March 22nd to 23rd, 2023, will provide business executives and leaders with a platform to enhance their understanding of the changing context of work and the workplace. This is geared towards improving employee engagement and satisfaction, thus increasing staff efficiency for organizational success.

Traditional employer-employee dynamics are no longer fit for either individuals or organizations, as people are increasingly looking for more personally and professionally satisfying work experiences. Organizational success is now hinged on an organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent, and the employee experience in terms of engagement and satisfaction is a key differentiator for organizational performance. To achieve success, organizations must prioritize creating a work culture that supports employee growth and development while also meeting their changing expectations. Failure to do so can lead to high turnover rates, low productivity, and a negative impact on the bottom line.

The FITC Employee Engagement and Experience Conference (E3) 3.0 will have in attendance, top c-suite executives, subject matter experts, and professionals from around the globe to share insights on cutting-edge strategies to set organizations apart and keep them ahead of the curve.

Chizor Malize, MD/CEO, FITC, speaking on the E3 conference, noted that it has become imperative for organizations to rethink retention strategies, as the expectations of employees are changing rapidly, precipitated by the new normal and the shifting generational divides in the workplace.

“Employees have shifted their workplace expectations in recent times to place more emphasis on skill and career development, meaningful work, self-expression, and a healthy work-life balance. In order to attract and retain top talent, organizational employee retention efforts must be more comprehensive and strategic. This will ensure staff productivity and improve business performance.” Malize said.

She added that the E3 Conference would feature keynote speakers and panellists who would share actionable insights on maximizing employee experience, explore trends in best practices to equip organizations to win the global war for talent, and take participants through understanding what it takes to recruit top talents in the ever-changing labor market.

The two-day virtual conference will feature a knowledgeable and highly competent line-up of speakers, comprising talent development managers and human resources specialists, who will share their wealth of expertise on how they have attracted and retained world-class talents,by ensuring a reciprocal value add for the employees and the organization, creating better working conditions and better work experiences for their employees. They will also share the strategies they have adopted in improving work, workplace, and the organizational culture.

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The speakers’ line-up include Adaora Ayoade, ICF-PCC CEO, EZ37 Solutions & Member Forbes Coaches Council; Olumide Sholanke, Former Group HR Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria; Chizor Malize, MD/CEO, FITC; Patricia Aderibigbe, Human Resources Director, African Finance Corporation; Wale Adediran, Group HR & General Services Director, Flour Mills of Nigeria; Enife Atobiloye, Regional Head, MEA Transearch International; Funke Amobi, Regional Head, People & Culture Nigeria and West Africa, Standard Bank Group; Adetokunbo Ayo-Ogunsanya, Group Head Human Resource and Administration, Inlaks; Emeka Dibia, Human Resources & Administration, ARM Pensions; Abiola Olubiyi, HR Director & Management Consultant, among others.

With a focus on creating the future, the conference will reveal how organizations can build the best people in the work environment and accelerate the adoption of employee engagement and satisfaction strategies for measurable results.

In addition, the conference aims to share insights on employee engagement strategies in the new world of work, examine digital transformation and the workplace, explore tactics for strengthening employee value proposition (EVP) to attract the best talent, rethink HR reporting and analytics for data-driven business decisions, share best practices for leading the workplace culture transformation, explore how to build a positive work environment, and so much more.

FITC’s E3 Conference 3.0 builds on the success of the previous conferences to provide a platform for industry leaders to learn from seasoned professionals and connect with peers in the HR and business worlds. The conference is expected to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the new and evolving world of work for improved employee experience, productivity, and organizational performance.

As the workforce becomes more diverse and automated, employees are demanding more from their employers than just a salary. They want to work in an environment that values work-life balance, promotes inclusion and diversity, and provides opportunities for growth and development. A strong work culture that embodies these values will not only help to attract and retain top talent but also promote employee engagement and productivity. Organizations must therefore be proactive in understanding their employees’ needs and providing the necessary resources and tools to support their growth.

Individuals and organizations in attendance will have the opportunity to learn from and network with speakers and other professionals through real-life scenario sharing, breakout sessions, and robust discussions. There is also the opportunity for participants to build long-lasting connections with the speakers, partners and other attendees that will define their future personal and organizational trajectories.

The 2-day conference will have five power packed plenary sessions, with over 25+ renowned speakers. There will also be a networking arena, exhibition booths, sponsors booths, a lobby and other interesting features that will provide participants with a seamless and immersive virtual experience.

FITC is a world-class, innovation-led and technology-driven knowledge organization passionate about promoting the development of competent and innovative workforces for financial services and other industries across Africa. The organization has a track record of delivering high-impact solutions through cutting-edge learning and development offerings that accelerate individual and corporate performance in the financial services industry.

FITC was established in 1981 as a limited by guarantee non-profit professional service organization, based on the Company’s Act of 1968. It was created in response to the recommendations of the Pius Okigbo Committee, which was set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1976 to review the financial service system.

Under the direct supervision of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) and the Nigerian Bankers’ Committee, FITC has since remained committed to the advancement in knowledge content that is creatively designed to reinforce the Nigerian financial system.

The Premier knowledge Institution has continuously equipped professionals in the Nigerian Financial Service Sector and other sectors for over 40 years with industry-relevant knowledge, which has helped professionals in navigating and advancing their careers while building on its member firm’s success through its clear vision, strong corporate values, and its culture of excellence.

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