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For Honeybell, It’s A Cocktail of Music and Advocacy

For Honeybell, It’s A Cocktail of Music and Advocacy

Yinka Olatunbosun 

Honeybellann Ndubuisi, a singer-songwriter and SDG advocate, popularly known as Honeybell has always loved music, something she described as a means of expressing herself. 

“Understanding the power that words hold, I use my music not just for entertainment, but for enlightenment, and as a tool for social change,” she reveals in a private interview. Furnished with a Master’s degree in International Relations from Obafemi Awolowo University, Honeybell observed that courses such as Diplomacy and Human right has helped her create her art with depth.

As a performer, she has performed at the Calabar Carnival, Felabration, and of course the Inauguration Day concert in Abuja. For her, the concert was a rare opportunity not only to commemorate the democracy day celebration but to give new artists their own voice.

Honeybell’s song ‘Naija Awake’ promotes youths’ interest in politics with verses rooted in existential themes and social realities. She also shared the stage with the likes of Simi, Gandoki, Harrysong amongst others.

Aside from music, Honeybell revealed more about her zest for acting, film making and photography while using the same as a tool for the SDGs. She has been involved in several campaigns like the Electoral Reform campaign, a campaign geared to resolve a long-standing issue surrounding the conduct of elections in Nigeria. The project, sponsored by Open Society for West Africa (OSIWA), incorporated art forms including mascot parades.

“I strongly believe that we can actively solve the problem of accountable leadership if we encourage fresh voices such as youth leaders and creatives. A whole lot of positive development would stem from that. Personally, I hope to change narratives through my art, and create art that addresses issues that bother humanity. With my music, I create awareness and call responsible parties to action.” 

When asked about her journey so far, Honey bell remarked: “The journey so far has been interesting. Last year, I was invited as the Global artist for the claiming our space campaign, to create and perform a song addressing increased youth voices. The campaign took the form of an art exhibition that was showcased at the United Nations headquarters. Having my work curated by an award-winning United Nations art curator – Lisa Russell and exhibited at the United Nations headquarters is a massive win for my career.”

Honeybell is currently working on interpreting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals using music and other art forms like films to encourage greater interaction and implementation before the 2030 target.

“I am looking to do much more with music and film making, and seeking opportunities that would allow me network with changemakers from around the world.’’

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