WANDAA Pays Homage to Ife Culture 

Yinka Olatunbosun 

At the last season of the cultural event, WANDAA hosted and produced by Aisha Sanni Shittu, a variety of dance, drama, food and history of Ile Ife was experienced by culture buffs in Lagos. Held at the Waterfalls Event Centre, Oregun, Ikeja, the series which is the third of its kind is initiated to celebrate the nation’s cultural diversity while harnessing cultural assets for economic growth.

An acronym for ‘We Are Not So Different After All,’ WANDAA is a quarterly event that accentuates the beauty in cultural diversity. For the end of the year edition, Ile Ife was celebrated using theatrical elements of dance, music, chants and drama. Ile Ife is reputed as the capital and principal religious centre of the Yoruba Kingdom of Ife. The Yorubas also consider the site of Ife as the place of creation while the creator god Oduduwa separated the earth from water and made all living creatures and his children ruled over twelve cities. 

Some aspects of the history of Ile Ife were dramatised in a short presentation by some members of the National Troupe. Another segment of the event tagged “Trust Your Senses” featured the Yoruba actor, Yemi Shodimu. He was made to taste some native cuisine like water yam pottage called Ikokore. The food is also popular among the Ijebus. A representative of the Ooni of Ife, guests who are Ife indigenes as well as other cultural enthusiasts graced the occasion.

The producer reiterated the importance of the cultural gathering in her opening remarks at the venue.

“WANDAA is created to promote our cultural diversity and one Nigeria and to showcase the beauty of our cultures. When we understand the culture of one another, we respect them,” said Aisha Sanni Shittu.

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