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Omowunmi Dada’s Exciting Christmas Gift

Omowunmi Dada’s Exciting Christmas Gift

Ferdinand  Ekechukwu

Actress Omowunmi Dada has proven her acting prowess through her craft. She has had a fantastic year winning Best Actress at the 2022 AMVCA and featured in blockbuster movies such as EbonyLife’s ‘The King’s Horseman’ on Netflix. The trained thespian has also had it good this year earning media spotlights for her peerless interpretation of roles. Off camera, the Nollywood star has kept her love life specially reserved and private.

But in what appears to be a twist in a movie role, Omowunmi is set to walk down the aisle soon with her lover. To the surprise of many in the industry and her fans, the Nollywood star on December 26 finally gave a sneak peek of her love life as she took to her Instagram page with a cute photo announcing her engagement. The picture shows the ‘Finding Hubby’ star beaming with smile as she unboxed her ‘gift’.

Omowunmi’s man backed the camera, shielding his face as the actress hugged him with her ring on full display on her camera. She revealed that she unboxed an engagement ring with the caption, “see what I unboxed,” she wrote. As many pray for her, industry colleagues took to their timelines to share their congratulations. Though the identity of the actress’ man is however unknown for now.

Omowunmi would hours later respond to the congratulatory messages. “The morning after glow”, she wrote. “Thank you all for the love and messages.” For her fans who probably would be worried about her new status, marriage wouldn’t stop her from her acting. Omowunmi was once quoted in an interview, saying “No. Not even marriage can stop me from acting because I want to be old with all my grey hair acting because this is what I am born to do. It gives 100 per cent fulfillment.”

Omowunmi’s career has seen her traverse both stage and screen acting. In another chat, she bared her resolve for her love for God and man. I’m a kind hearted person who is a huge lover of God . . . I love God. . . Because the Bible said ‘We are God’, there’s no way you would love God and would not love the things that God has created. And he created man, he created woman, he created humanity. So, when you love God, you would love human. If you don’t love God, in fact you are incapable of love in the first place.”

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