TASCK Collaborates With The British Council for 6 Months of Creative Showcases

TASCK Collaborates With The British Council for 6 Months of Creative Showcases

A thrilling series of events intended at providing creatives with a platform to display their exceptional talents in film, music, fashion, dance & other alternate forms has been activated by The British Council to support creatives across the Country. The Creative Economic Showcase Programme (CESP) began in November with the help of experienced curators across Nigeria with TASCK as the official partner for Lagos.

TASCK has a mission to connect creatives to opportunities that support their success and is the ideal partner as the collaboration with the British Council enables both parties to have a positive influence on Nigeria’s creative industry by bringing together mentors, business professionals, and creatives for unique empowering experiences.

The British Council’s #iam4art initiative, which was launched with its first creative Hustle on November 19th, aims to strengthen relationships among Nigerian creatives while also promoting the creation of new art and the dissemination of such work to viewers. The Creative Hustle events seek to equip creatives with the skills they need to thrive through a series of workshops that provide advice on how to build a sustainable career as a creative professional. These immersive events offer training in business and digital skills, networking events, access to new markets, connections to resources and financial opportunities. So far the programme has included panelists such as Fifehan Osikanlu, Anita Adesiyan, Makinde Adeniran, Julian Caddy and more. The events also included a fashion exhibition by Red Button Fashions, along with music and dance performances featuring artists such as Sir Dauda, Mani Lapussh, Phola Preye, and many more.

The next event slated for December 17th is to be headlined by M.I Abaga & supported by artists under Incredible Music and Rara Avis. Other activities for the day will be a Terms and Conditions Live Podcast conversation with MI Abaga and a Creative Hustle conversation with Anto Lecky as part of the special holiday experience.

The Creative Director of TASCK and Project Lead, Debbie Romeo, commented on the Program saying: “If Nigeria is already difficult for the average working Nigerian existing within structured businesses, then consider how difficult it is for a new creative to succeed in a space with many uncharted paths and seemingly unattainable streams of direct income. This is the ideal time for this initiative as it provides creatives with the tools, contacts & activities that will genuinely aid in their skill development and empower them for the new version of Nigeria that we are about to experience.”

Nigeria’s creative industries are booming economic engines that are increasingly providing young people with opportunities for viable livelihoods in all areas of the arts. However, the bulk of them have obstacles to overcome in order to succeed. By providing them with the tools they need and connecting them to a bigger audience that will support their work, this initiative gives creatives an opportunity to excel. For information on how you can take part in this incredible project, follow @thisistasck on social media and RSVP for as many events as you would like to attend.

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