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Encounter with Johnny Jam Jam

Encounter with Johnny Jam Jam

Yinka Olatunbosun

John Walker Adetunji-Adeoye, aka Johnny Jam Jam, is a writer, columnist, public relations expert, showbiz personality and the author of a recently released two-volume book, ‘How We Destroy Nigeria: Precedence of Doom’ and ‘Haven for Financial Crimes and Corruption.’

Inspired by the socio-political realities in Nigeria, Adetunji-Adeoye explores the daily tragedy of living in fear of kidnappers, economic instability and the historical antecedents to these challenges.

“Everything in the first volume of the book talks about the activities and events that led to our present situation. It talks about the anarchy, violence, bloodletting, slavery, bondage, and the system that’s pre-colonial rulers of Nigeria engaged in that has led us to this present mess. I also talked about the roles military dictatorship played and how the corruption in the judiciary, legislature and executive arm of government has affected the country badly,’’ he revealed.  

A native of Oyo state, the author who is keen on Nigeria’s peace and progress added that the second volume of the book is triggered by Nigeria’s diplomatic crises occasioned by the activities of a few bad eggs.

“Before 1984, Nigerians going to the UK did not need a visa,’’ he continued. “However, today, we do not just need a visa; we are scrutinised in a way that tells us we are not welcome. Two years ago, we all saw what Hushpuppi did to us, and he was not just the only one. There are many of them. Some weeks ago, we heard that a young Nigerian man who threw a lavish wedding in Nigeria was caught in the US on the allegation of being a serial armed robber. 

“Many Nigerians do not know that these issues have a way of affecting the general population. Investors will not come into the country. Nigerians wonder why the country is short of foreign investors and why the rate of unemployment is high. Foreign investors cannot come to a country where there is massive corruption and where people steal. There is also the issue of overpopulation that I addressed. We have situations where unemployed people give birth to several children they have no plan of taking care of. I wrote about the country’s broken educational system and why issues such as the ASUU strike might continue to linger. These are the things that I documented in the second book.’’

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