Ozioma Diji: Why I’m against Modern Slavery

Tosin Clegg

Passionate about empowering her fellow women, actress, author, filmmaker, entertainer and convener of the movement, “Say No to Modern Slavery”, Faith Ozioma Diji has revealed why she shot the movie, “Battered from her book, The Secret Killer.”

She said: “This book exposes modern-day slavery and its effects on our minds and society. What becomes of society if the wounded decide to revenge? This is the reason I wrote the book. And we can see the effects of modern slavery in our time. If we do not take deliberate actions, beginning from our actions at home and work and how we treat one another in secret and openly, the consequences shall be enormous. The vision is to liberate, emancipate, edify, and inform the people of the adverse effects of modern slavery through my content, projects, and productions.”

She further spoke about her firsthand experience of modern slavery, “That was when my cousins threw me out of their house for reasons unknown to me to date. They told me to leave the house before they returned from work the following day. This was just after I completed the three months Acting program at PEFTI, and that was the reason I came to Lagos, to become an actor. That was how I moved house to my uncle’s at Coker in Lagos, and then I understood what verbal abuse, modern slavery in a nutshell, truly meant. I had turned 18 then.

“I lost my self-esteem for years as a result of those memorable moments in my life, and I regained my self-esteem when I began to discover my purpose and that was when I got married. My husband was instrumental to my liberation, as God empowered him. 

He taught me to be the confident and brave woman that I am now. So, instead of becoming a victim of my experience, I am empathetic and understand life better, and I’m focused on exposing the menace and liberating mankind.”

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