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NNPC Ltd Synergises with ISACA Abuja on Digital Economic Growth

NNPC Ltd Synergises with ISACA Abuja on Digital Economic Growth

Known for its benchmark in the nation’s digital economy and promoting the cybersecurity space, ISACA Abuja is inspiring confidence in organisations to explore the benefits of technology and emerging trends. Rebecca Ejifoma writes on it’s partnership with the NNPC Ltd

Making a great first and last impression has been an essential component driving the ISACA Abuja Chapter, a recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Chapter Achievement. As an institution, it recognises that the progress and development of the nation hang on Idowu Koyenikan’s quote, “Your pride for your country should not come after your country becomes great; your country becomes great because of your pride in it”. Hence, ISACA is resolute in distinguishing itself in the Digital Trust and cybersecurity space. 

This was according to the GCEO of NNPC Limited, Mele Kyari at the Award/Dinner night in Abuja. He spoke on the theme, “Digital Revolution Game Changer in Extending the Frontiers of Transparency in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry”, where he acknowledged the role ISACA plays in inspiring confidence in an organisation like NNPC Ltd to exploit the relieving benefits of technologies for business processing notwithstanding the myriad of threats in cyberspace. 

He went ahead to endorse the ISACA Abuja Chapter as worthy of commendation for its contributions to business sustainability and human capacity development. “In NNPC Limited, we recognise the role ISACA plays in inspiring confidence in organisations like ours to exploit the obvious benefits of technologies for business processing, notwithstanding the myriad of threats in cyberspace,” Kyari emphasised. 

While underscoring other opportunities the association provides including technology professionals in developing requisite skills and competencies for their jobs, Kyari emphasised, “We encourage active membership of our people, who are our greatest assets, in professional associations like ISACA. They are proud of their level of participation in ISACA activities, certifications and programmes.”

Accordingly, Kyari emphasised that as an indication of their confidence in ISACA and the ideals and values it promotes NNPC Limited has since 2016 adopted the ISACA flagship framework, COBIT, as the framework for the governance and management of information and technology in their enterprise. “This has contributed immensely to the strides that they made in the automation of our business processes in the past couple of years to improve operational efficiencies.”

Therefore, he applauded ISACA Abuja’s contributions to business sustainability and human capacity development in various organisations, the country, and the world at large. Following the passage into law of the PIA by Mr President on 16th August 2021, the NNPC Limited boss noted that NNPC has transitioned into a limited liability company. It is governed by the provisions of the Company and Allied Matters.

He said: “The law seeks to ensure increased accountability in the sector by strengthening governance, as well as enabling financial, administrative, and environmental stability that will attract and lock-in long term investments.”

The NNPC Limited, he continued, has prioritised the digitalisation of key business processes to enhance transparency and accountability. For the GCEO, this is evidenced in their downstream sector where sales have been fully automated to ensure petroleum product distribution can be properly tracked and energy security for the country is maintained.

“But as we strive towards a more transparent operating landscape enabled by digital technology, we are mindful of some of the accompanying risk factors to the business such as technology failure, cyber-attack, data losses, and regulatory compliance issues,” he highlighted.

Prof Isa Pantami 

Meanwhile, in helping organisations actualise their goals, the ISACA Abuja chapter prides itself as an organisation that celebrates key players, great personalities, and amazons raising the bar in the technology and information space globally. One such recipient is the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Pantami, who was decorated with a lifetime achievement award for his immense contributions to the growth of the sector. 

He doffed his hat to the organisation. “ISACA Abuja recognised our honest efforts and achievements and found us worthy of an award. This is the main reason I feel excited. I’m humble,” he expressed during his speech as the Chairman of the occasion at the Award Night.

At this point, Pantami described ISACA Abuja as a globally recognised professional institution across the world. He highlighted its myriad of initiatives, which he insisted are an agenda in creating and maintaining trust in the digital world which has become increasingly challenging in an era when high-profile security, privacy and ethical missteps have become commonplace.

For the minister, ISACA Abuja has played a critical role when it comes to digital governance in cyberspace. That is why the Federal Government and the ISACA Abuja Chapter are synergising to boost the nation’s economy through the youth’s active involvement in emerging technologies.

“I encourage the youth to explore emerging technology and come up with innovative ideas to bring positive change to the nation. The government desires to see ISACA develop the economy by creating jobs using technology.”

Notwithstanding, Pantami described technology as a double-edged sword that can be used positively or negatively. “It becomes necessary for our young people to deploy technology and use it positively at a personal level to embolden yourself by educating yourself.”


Following quickly on his heels, ISACA Abuja acknowledged the ever-growing need to help young people learn new skills that will give them an edge in problem-solving skills across the globe. This cyber security month, ISACA will be launching One In Tech Foundation. It will embolden more than 100 female children with coding skills while this year CommunITyDay will focus on creating awareness of the credible election with the theme “Safe Cyber For Credible Election” a novelty football match will be played at MKO Stadium Abuja.

ISACA CommunITyDay is an annual event on the first Saturday of  October where the organisation gives back to its local community through various initiatives. While some opportunities may be directly applicable to advancing digital trust, others may be simply making the world a better place. Hence, the 14th Annual Conference will be hosting global Industry subject matter experts who will be speaking on “Digital Innovation & Future of work: Implications for Work, Industry and Governance”. The conference will hold from the 31st October to 2nd November at Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre CBD Abuja

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