Abdullahi Haske: Meet Nigerian Silent Billionaire that People Hardly Talk About


Nigeria is blessed with lots of citizens who, one could argue, have their heads screwed on tightly. Some of these Nigerians have gone on to be silent billionaires. Abdullahi Haske is one of such people, and his source of wealth has always been a matter of public debate. As a result, very few people are willing to promote him as a motivational figure to young Nigerians.

Haske is undoubtedly one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria. He is almost 35 as of the third quarter of 2022, even though his seemingly boundless wealth is overflowing on the banks of the oil and gas industry. However, despite his peculiar nature, being very young and very wealthy, some people have found occasion to fault his source of wealth.

In truth, Haske had a good foundation. In other words, he had parents who cared about preparing him for the world of wealth and affluence. A native of Yola, Adamawa State, Haske studied Political Studies at the University of Abuja and earned himself an MBA in Economics from Lagos Business School. These certifications, along with several other professional variants, allowed him to know enough about business life to excel at it.

He worked as a contractor in his early years of business, targeting sectors such as oil and gas, construction, and public procurement. Because, once again, his head is screwed on tight, it did not take long for Haske to find success and become the Group Managing Director of AA & R Investment Group. And since this establishment has its fingers in virtually every profitable pie in Nigeria’s corporate boardroom, Haske has earned himself a nifty reputation among the makers and builders of wealth in Nigeria.

So, people definitely talk about him. However, those who know very little of his adventures, skills, and influence generally prefer to leave him be. And there is no indication that Haske is overly bothered by this.

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