Firm Unveils HarmonyVille Estate In Lagos

Firm Unveils HarmonyVille Estate In Lagos

Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Ltd., has unveiled HarmonyVille tagged (Ogba Idunnu), situated beside Amen Estate, Eleko, and Bolorunpelu-Onigbedu, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

While speaking with newsmen during the unveiling of HarmonyVille in Lagos, the Executive Managing Director/CEO of Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Ltd, Hon. Saheed Mosadoluwa aka Mr. Ibile said, “I am working closely with Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Limited, experienced builders to build exactly what we designed in HarmonyVille layout, tagged (Ogba-Idunnu) to achieve biodiversity at its core because I believed in that old tradition that the beauty of a place inspires the beauty of the heart and I hereby, pledge to cultivate the art of beauty in all HarmonyVille dimensions.

“HarmonyVille multi-stem hawthorns are tailored for each of you as an individual, who chooses to purchase or in the future may want to have properties from Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Limited products, either land in Crestview Estate (Bolorunpelu-Onigbedu), opposite the new proposed Lekki-Epe International Airport, or the HarmonyVille Estate sharing fence with Amen Estate at Eleko”. As owners of any properties in our estates mean we get to know you and tailor your premium, effective formulas housing that is designed for you, and your family to confidently boast of having a home in Harmony Estate.

“HarmonyVille controlled lighting systems concerning the local ecology and the nature Skies policy of the park and permeable paving and sustainable drainage solutions to divert stormwater away from drains.

“The unique features of this world-class project are based on bioclimatic architecture and consisting of 220 luxury villas, 144 Twins Duplex, 105 Detached and 200 Semi-detached to be built on 45 hectares of land, with government approved C of O, Governor’s Consents and construction work is planned to start in early 2023, with completion within five years.”

With enthusiasm growing for Ibeju-Lekki, where the HarmonyVille is situated, the CEO further revealed his company’s plans to develop on-site hospitality, offering property buyers a total experience from wilderness to palace.

Ogba-Idunnu is the new all-weather, outdoor residential estate, that will take pride in the place Amen Estate, directly facing Redbrick Homes International Limited with glorious views across the Eleko Beach, to Dangote Refinery, Free Trade Zone, and here is the MD of the Harmony Gardens pledging that the estate park will offer on-site dining tour and also commercial centers.

“Critical looking at our estate layout, the glace atmosphere will confirm to you the kind of landscaped in HarmonyVille with its natural surroundings, crafted by RedBull Landscaping designed Rana Shoaib from Pakistan”.

“All the plots of land within HarmonyVille in Ibeju-Lekki are new investments, with growth to have sustainability, not only in mind but a reality after the landscaping set out for sustainability scheme, and we will deliver net gains for biodiversity across the HarmonyVille Estate”.

Hon. Abdullahi Saheed also stated clearly that his philosophy of ‘Life is pure Celebration’ and to him, the HarmonyVille properties owners will experience harmonize celebration, because Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Ltd is here in Ibeju-Lekki to create a place where properties owners, investors, and visitors would feel welcome time and time again.

To simply pop in for a glass to celebrate together with friends, family, business partners, and Nigerians abroad can sit comfortably and be proud of having a house in Harmony Gardens & Estate Development Limited, for their family to continue enjoying a tour and holiday in future.

“handbook by Harmony Gardens significant investment comes after 11 years in the real estate business, and thanks to a very successful Year with record sales agents, buyers in numbers, and sales across all channels of the market, that gauge recovering from an extremely challenging period, for the real estate sector in 2020, due to the first wave of the pandemic”.

“The Land Book by Harmony is the marketing face of all our company estates, starting from HarmonyVille, HarmonyRoyal, Crestview, and BlueCrest and five other on-site developments of our company, which includes an extension to Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Ltd, and this is the start of additional investment experience planned for the next few years”.

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