Shamara Set to Release ‘Every Woman is Beautiful’

Tosin Clegg

Sandra Harbor known by her stage name, Shamara is a singer and song writer who made her debut in 2010 with the song, My Style. She has worked with artistes like Waje, K Solo, DJ Tee, to mention but a few. While on hiatus, she got married and went on sabbatical in other to have time for her family. Now, Sandra is back.

She’s ready to step into the world of music again, but this time she’s on a different mission. Yes, she still loves to sing and entertain, but she also feels a greater sense of social responsibility, to use her talents and platform to help others.

Shamara founded the Ideal Harbor Women’s Foundation in 2013 and realized that she might not save the world, but could undoubtedly empower and assist less privileged women, especially during pregnancy. Since then, the foundation has been a big part of her life as she fights for the less privileged and stands for peace and respect.

In line of her passion for music and her noble causes, she said her new song  “Every Woman is Beautiful”, with 7 questions for men, is dedicated to every woman, adding, “It is disturbing that eight in every ten women have faced one form of abuse or other. Irrespective of challenges women encounter on a daily basis, they remain resolute. I decided to celebrate women and make a tribute to them, we are beautiful creatures and must be seen as such.”

Forever a creative soul, Shamara refuses to give up on her dreams. She’s hardworking and original, proudly proclaiming that she never imitates anyone and loves doing things her way. Shamara is ready to take her music to the next level and be recognized and counted among the world’s top pop singers while conveying hope and empowerment to women everywhere.

Earlier, she released a song titled, “Wipe Our Tear,” dedicated to the Ukrainians and other nationalities killed and displaced by war and religious violence. Shamara decided donating all the revenue from the song to charities through her foundation.

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