Listening School Trains Firm on Listening Intelligence

Listening Intelligence has trained a Nigerian topmost firm, Heirs Insurance on Listening Intelligence Leadership.

Speaking at the week-long training for leaders and teams, Heirs Insurance’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr, Adaobi Nwakuche, said that many of the disagreements and issues we have in our industry are the consequence of poor listening skills and habits. Heirs Insurance is dedicated to making insurance available to everyone and encouraging people to dream and follow their goals without fear of financial ruin.

She added that the tools and skills to develop a culture of listening to understand clients’ needs are what we took away from this capacity-building program.

Heirs Insurance Limited is recognized as a High-Performance Culture Organization for its deliberate approach to adopting Listening Intelligence as an integral part of its culture and behaviors. The award was presented after a modular capacity-building Programme that supports Enhancing Leadership Capabilities, articulating and demonstrating Listening Skills, and aligning employee behavior and mindset through listening intelligence.

The Listening School being the facilitator of this leadership development course noted that “Listening Intelligence for Leaders and Teams”, is designed to bring awareness to the cognitive process of listening, combining the best of active listening and cognitive diversity to elevate team performance to a transformational level.

Listening is Leadership. It is not merely a receptive function but a strategy. Gallup reports that highly engaged teams are 21 per cent more profitable, and guarantee higher returns than others.

In her closing statements, The Listening School Chief Executive, Ebele Chukwujama informed us that The Listening School is pioneering the research, use, and assessment of listening intelligence as a powerful driver of business goals in Africa.

“We want to continue to help individuals and leaders to understand their listening preferences, recognize the listening preferences of others and adapt how they communicate accordingly, resulting in a more inclusive workplace and a culture where people feel comfortable and confident to do their best at work. Listening Intelligence creates deep long-lasting change through the hands-on, real-time practice of the listening concepts from a refreshing new approach. This helps participants build trust, maximize feedback, promote real-time problem solving and increase productivity,” she said.

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