Between Seyi and Bola Tinubu: Why Everyone Needs a Son Like Him

Between Seyi and Bola Tinubu: Why Everyone Needs a Son Like Him


Many arguments can be made for familial relationships. We can decry the loss of regard paid to fathers by sons, or we can praise the handful of public figures who are still paying respects to their parents irrespective of whether they agree with them or not. Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, and his son, Seyi,  are heroes on this front. Despite the lack of a public display of affection between the two, there is no denying that few sons would work for their fathers as impressively as Seyi for Tinubu.

It has been a few days since Tinubu won the APC presidential ticket. As the main figure from the South-west, there are lots of expectations from within and outside the region. Even though Tinubu had an overwhelming victory at the primary, very few understand that he had a pillar of support throughout that he could always lean on and draw strength from — his son, Seyi.

Those who know Seyi understand that he tries as much as he can to not enter the public eye. While he does not seem to care much for public opinions and bias, he tries to run his business under the radar. Yet, he is considered a brilliant and visionary industry leader, not to mention a happy husband and father.

This does not mean that Seyi cannot confront the cameras. During the primary that saw his father emerge as APC’s top presidential candidate, Seyi was up and about. He was there at every point of his father’s campaign, running errands and easing tensions. More than that, he made sure to keep his father at top form, giving him the occasional squeeze of reassurance. Thus, it was not all that surprising that Tinubu never lost his cool but remained unshakably confident in his chances.

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