New Lease of Life: Niyi Makanjuola Adopts Very Low Profile Lifestyle

New Lease of Life: Niyi Makanjuola Adopts Very Low Profile Lifestyle


There is no single human being on the earth that can boast about being able to predict the future. Time is something that remains within the firm control of the divine, so we only have today to live and live well. This is a fact that top Nigerian businessman and investor, Niyi Makanjuola, understands very well. After he has gone up to the peak of renown and fallen to the nadir regions, the man has changed his mind about how he ought to live. Currently, he has chosen to adopt a low-profile lifestyle.

Makanjuola is unmatched in business investments and chairmanship. He is not only the head Honcho of Caverton Helicopters, but he is also the Group CEO of Raven Resources Group and Visionscape International Holdings. In fact, his triad bossmanship is something that many can only dream about. Nevertheless, when hardship hit the affluent and influential, it drives up their robust history.

And so it is for Makanjuola. Hardship arrived in the form of a legal wrangle with the Lagos State Government. His company, Visionscape, was delegated the task of managing the waste situation in the state. That is, the government allegedly paid Makanjuola several billions of Naira to collect and clear out residential waste. But the company did not adhere to the original arrangement.

It was further reported that Visionscape had defaulted in tax remittance. And Lagos is not a place where such malfeasance is ignored or treated with a wave of the hand. The compound issues, it was further alleged that one power figure that Makanjuola could always rely on to bail him out of things like these retired around the same time.

When it seems as if everything is against you, what do you do? Run and hide! That is the option that Makanjuola chose and has continued to stick to ever since. That is why nobody is seeing him in social gatherings the way we used to.

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