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Femi Gbajabiamila: A Cross Dressing Perspective

Femi Gbajabiamila:  A Cross Dressing Perspective

Loud Whispers With Joseph Edgar

The House of Representatives led by my egbon is about to pass a bill that prescribes six-month imprisonment for crossdressers. They even went ahead to define who or what a crossdresser is and they have said it is anybody who wears anything that is intended for another sex.

Me, I have told the Duchess to go and burn all her trouser pants o. I will not have the power to go and be visiting her at Kirikiri prison o. Me sef that I am wearing leg chain and have just had my first piercing, I have asked my lawyer Ishmael for a legal opinion and that one is asking for fees first before he talks. I just tire.

Dear honourable members, how I decide to dress or otherwise na my problem o. If I wear a skirt and nothing under so that the breeze will blow my nether regions is my problem o. How that one will stop bandits in Kaduna I fail to see o. You see when people are so colourless and lost in transit, they will be looking for diversionary things like this.

So because only two people – Bobrisky and his brother James Brown and like 15 people in Kano have decided to entertain us with their weird dress sense, a whole House of Representatives with over 40 wise men and women with all that money we are spending to have them run around sex toy shops have decided that this is the only thing of national importance that should catch their attention. It is no wonder that people like Bisi Alimi can be talking anyhow.

As my former Oga Chibundu used to say, “are we for real? Is this House of Reps for real?”

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