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Adams Oshiomhole: Dancing Grandpa

Adams Oshiomhole: Dancing Grandpa

Loud Whispers With Joseph Edgar

Nigerians were recently assailed by the vigour and dancing prowess of one of our most popular grandpas, the bald and still very influential former Governor of Edo State, Pa Adams Oshiomhole.

Images of him arriving at the just concluded APC convention where he jumped on the stage like a Davido fan hoping to take a selfie with his hero. As if that was not enough, footage of papa dancing and gyrating at a party with his lovely wife just standing there and saying to the rest of us: you see what I have to contend with daily?

Oshiomhole has always been a G-man. The man used to run marathons and years of protest, marching down the streets as NLC President has kept him fit and trim. His vigour and energy at 70 remain remarkable. Now whether that translates to thought process is another thing entirely o.

For me when I see all these videos of Oshiomhole jumping and prancing all around the place and I see his beautiful young wife beside him, the only thing that comes to my mind is why is this Baba showing off? All these jumping up and down is to say – guys, I be tiger for the other room o. Kai.

Lucky Baba, when we here dey do fellowship to discuss waning stamina and how to boost energy na him Pa Oshio dey use him stamina yab us. This is why Patience Jonathan shouted the other day – there is God o.

Happy birthday, Sir, you remain my super turbo, champion. God’s blessing sir.

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