Fighting the Mother, Child Mortality Rate in Nigeria

Precious Ugwuzor

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) of Nigeria is 814 (per 100,000 live births). The lifetime risk of a Nigerian woman dying during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum or post-abortion is one in 22, in contrast to the lifetime risk in developed countries estimated at one in 4900.

Despite efforts targeted at addressing the Mother, Child Mortality deaths across the nation, the ratio has remained high in the last two decades in Nigeria.

It is believed that improving the overall quality of healthcare is crucial to addressing the high maternal deaths in the country.

To ensure that this is fought and reduced drastically, Intelligent Nodus Solutions Ltd has established a platform “Mamas Pride Maternity”, a Nigerian owned and operated business that is committed to providing support to at risk groups within Nigeria and more widely in Africa.

The organisation is also aimed at providing free educational services and tools to expectant mothers in Nigeria through their free app Mama’s Pride.

“We have a strong desire to reduce the maternal mortality rate in Nigeria and possibly across Africa through our free maternity app. In the future provide access to a telehealth ecosystem that will provide a complete service for expectant mothers,” INSL CEO Rufus Ohiowere disclosed during an interview.

Mama’s Pride also provides informative step by step guidance to expectant mothers to educate them on how they can deliver healthy babies. It also takes a wholistic approach to pregnancy, with advice ranging from the perfect diet and nutritional advice to parental tips and personal guidance for pre and postnatal care.

The Mama’s Pride content is carefully curated by Nigerian and International doctors who are experts in their fields.

Key features according to Ohiowere, are pregnancy health guides, birth health check, due date calculator and symptom calculator, post pregnancy guide, diet and exercise hints and tips, baby health guide, week on week pregnancy record and contacts.

Ohiowere revealed that Mama’s Pride delivers its content on a schedule that works with individual expectant mothers, keeping them on track and informed on how they are tracking.

The content is delivered on a timeline that is designed to match the stages of pregnancy.
Recognising that socio-economic factors play a major part in a successful birth, Mama’s Pride is designed with a view to making its content accessible and affordable for everyone.

It is free to download and use, with no added costs. Additionally, it can be downloaded once and all of the Mama’s Pride features and content are available offline without the cost of an internet connection.

Mama’s Pride is an important tool for expectant mother and aims to work with information provided by doctors, other medical professionals, similar organisations across Nigeria and even parental advice.

Pregnancy is a time that should be treasured by everyone involved, and INLS believes that the more information you have at hand will lead you to a happy motherhood.

“Mama’s Pride is an essential source of information for every mother” says Rufus Ohiowere “we hope mothers use Mama’s Pride to stay informed and to stay healthy during their pregnancy”.

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